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How Call Recording helped this Graduate Grow his Online Tutoring Business

Every day after university lectures, Sam would head back to his dorm room as fast as he could

musical instruments for sam's online tutoring business

It wasn't to change his clothes for a party, or even to sleep - he did it to hold online music tutoring lessons. He’s always had talent on multiple musical instruments, excelling in music at a young age to earn a full scholarship for his Bachelor’s degree in music. Tutoring started as a way to make money on the side, but the more Sam taught, the more he loved it.

Following graduation, Sam started his own online tutoring business to combine his two passions, and from then on it has been an up and down experience.

Sam is a real wiz when it comes to music

There is no denying Sam’s talent; he was first chair in his instrument many times in advanced bands and orchestras, he can also diagnose issues with the band and often shares his feedback with the conductor. What he isn’t good at is problem-solving instantly, since Sam is a “big-picture” thinker, it takes time for him to formulate solutions to the music that he’s listening to. This trickles to his tutoring class, there are times when his students would make repeated mistakes, but Sam wouldn’t be able to diagnose the problem quickly enough before the end of class.

But having an online tutoring business isn't easy...

In addition to the problem of not being able to diagnose his students' specific problems before the end of class, he had another issue. Sam soon realized that a large part of his online tutoring business hinged on the attitudes of the students. There are some students that don’t take well to criticism, or only want to hear positive feedback. While Sam isn’t bad at dealing with people, managing the ego of different students could be tricky, and it could take multiple interactions to figure out someone’s personality.

man tutoring one oh his music students in a dark music room

It's all different thanks to's call recording

After switching to Sam discovered the utilities of call recording. He records all of his classes and listens to them when he has time. Because of call recording, he was able to determine the intricate details of the student’s weaknesses and tell them what to work on to overcome them. With call recording, Sam can also get used to the interactions between the students, since dialogue is also captured in the recording, enabling him to take notes on what types of feedback the student responds positively to. Meeting Checklist Banner

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