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New Year's Resolution #1: Build your Confidence and try new conference call features


New Year's Resolutions are great for helping people try new things they normally wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. But why is it so hard for some of us to experiment freely, and how can we get the benefits of doing so?

In the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator system, the "ENFP" profile is one that absolutely loves trying new things. In fact, most ENFPs probably skipped this introduction and are two paragraphs down reading about all the benefits of trying some new conference call features.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," is their motto.

This gung-ho attitude makes ENFPs very cheerful, bubbly and spontaneous. But only about 7% of the population can be called ENFP. For the rest of us "mortals," trying something new requires courage, because it can disrupt the routines that make our lives run smoothly. We're averse to risk. However, New Years only comes once a year. Trying out some new conference call Features probably won't kill us, and it can bring wonderful benefits.

1. Build your confidence

Sometimes those risky entrepreneurial and experimenter types are handy to have around. What if an emergency happens when all the ENFPs have flown off on a whim to research the latest technology in India? One of the benefits of doing things like trying some new conference call features is that it can build confidence in the rest of us, which can come in handy. We don't need to try a new feature every day, of course, but think of it as professional development.

TIP: try a new feature first, before you actually need it.

Call Recording is a great feature to experiment with. It is easy to do, but powerful. It automatically records the entire call, and emails you an MP3 file within two hours. You can use the file as a legal record or to create a Facebook post or podcast. If you want a paper copy for meeting minutes or newsletter fodder, you can engage Transcription to have your recorded call written out. Transcription is one of the few conference call features that aren’t free, but it saves time and increases profit margins.

Call recording and transcription are easy to set up, but why not try them once before they are needed, and then offer them as an option? No point sweating the small stuff.

2. Make yourself invaluable

Hello and welcome to the Meyers-Briggs Indicator Type "ENFPs" who skipped the introduction and jumped to the juiciest headline. We were just saying how checking out some new teleconference features like Call Recording and Transcription before we actually need them can help build our confidence. It’s the very same natural confidence that makes you ENFPs all so cheerful and bubbly before the rest of us have even had our morning coffee.

As you ENFPs know, trying out new conference call features can uncover great ways to save our company or organization time and money. Discovering new value-added timesavers can really boost our value as employees.

Moderator Controls are another good feature to play around.

Telephone-based conference calls have always had superior audio quality over Skype and VOIP calls. This is because phones don't generate robotic voices and weird "Skype Echoes." But "feedback" can happen if people point their microphones at their speakers.

The new and improved moderator controls can help make sure background office noises don't bleed in from people who aren't even speaking.

You can choose Conversation Mode, where everyone can speak, Presentation Mode, where only moderators can mute or unmute participants, or Q & A Mode, where participants can mute and unmute themselves.

You can find the Moderator Controls in your online Personal Meeting Room, and like so many other features, they are as free, and easy to learn how to use.

Bringing in a new technology where conference calls run even more smoothly and showing the boss how they can speak without being interrupted is a good way to make yourself special around the office.

Enjoy something new

For us non-ENFPs, trying new things can be a bit scary. What if it goes wrong? What if I mute my boss by mistake, or I can't figure out how to podcast my MP3 Call Recording? But think of this: all the systems and routines we know so well now started out as new things, once upon a time.

A New Year's Resolution to try out some new conference call features can build confidence and make us indispensable team members.

It takes all kinds to make a good team. Those ENFPs are handy for digging up new ideas and approaches, but they get bored doing the same thing twice. They even have their own survival guide to help them cope with routines! For the rest of us, although we might have to get up our courage to try something different, a new experiment one day, becomes something new to enjoy the next.

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