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Here’s How To Set Up An Engaging “Green Screen” For Your Next Online Meeting

monitorThe benefits of using a green screen for video conferencing, online meetings and creating video content are plenty. As outlined in Part 1, you have complete creative control over the look and feel of your message, brand and output. Imagine having access to endless scenic backgrounds without having to shell out lots of money or step foot out of your office or home? Consider how a clean and polished looking background positions your brand front row and center and gives life to your message, making you extra memorable. And how about a green screen as the secret weapon to making your video content stand out amongst the competition? These are only a few reasons how a green screen can positively affect your business, and we’re only just scratching the surface!

Now that you’ve established your online meetings can be taken up a notch or two, here’s how to incorporate a green screen so you can use it to enhance your meetings or add a sprinkle of “je ne sais quois” to your webinar, tutorial, demonstration and so much more.

Ready to get started? First, days before your online meeting, you’re going to want to set up some time for trial and error. Give yourself a little space to experiment with lighting and the green screen to see where you can put it so it looks great. This is a preliminary step but is so worth it in the long run, especially if you are working in a small space.


ladderDepending on your budget, there are a few options. Green paint is the most affordable. You’ll need a shade of Kelly green that is bright and saturated – and lots of it. Plus a wall you’re able to sacrifice. It’s a very cost-effective way of achieving your end result but it’s not portable and it will affect the wall permanently.

Green screen fabric (essentially a huge piece of green fabric) is your next option up. It comes in a roll and is more portable than the above mentioned but still requires mounting equipment like a stand and clips. Plus, it has to be huge enough to cover a wall.

Perhaps the most viable solution that is still relatively affordable is a green screen kit. They’re available online, start at $100 and run up from there. They are simple to set up, similar to how a tent pops up. Plus, they are pretty durable and can be transported without a hitch!

To complement the green screen, the following aren’t required, but it sure makes life easier and will make the experience a little more flexible:
External webcam
External microphone

photo takingLIGHTING

Just like you would before any online meeting, you want to position yourself in the best light. In this case however, it’s a little, okay a lot, more necessary! Your lighting source needs to be reliable and ample. Soft, even lighting across your green screen with the least amount of shadows will give you the best results. Be wary of wrinkles, smaller less noticeable shadows that happen from additional lighting sources and anything else that could cause a disruption.

Depending on your set up, consider using a single LED fluorescent tube replacement light bouncing off a white wall to the side of the screen. This will create a nice diffusion of light that helps to illuminate the green screen.

Pro-tip: Don’t wear green and try to stay away from reflective colors and materials like white.


When using for your video conferencing, you’ll need to get SparkoCam to work alongside it. SparkoCam presents the final video from nearly any video source, acting as a virtual webcam. This handy software will broadcast and apply live webcam effects to your video chats and recordings from various sources. You can add in anything from sunglasses to real-time effects and graphics. For Mac, try ManyCam and CamMask.


Consider your audience at this point. Are you looking for a polished background that makes you look trustworthy and professional? Are you looking for a whimsical background to address your team on the last day before Christmas holidays? Whatever message you need to communicate, ensure your background is appropriate. If you choose a background that has motion, remember it should be subtle so it doesn’t distract too much from your presentation. Try to avoid flat colors, but also don’t forget to have fun. You could literally look like you’re working from anywhere.

If you’ve been searching for a way to add a little ingenuity to your online meetings, try a green screen. Let support your creative endeavors with a video conferencing solution that impresses. Use the time zone scheduler feature to set up your meeting with participants from around the world; the online whiteboard to really break down complex ideas, and document sharing to drag and drop files with ease.

And if you want more information about the benefits of using a green screen, visit here for Part 1 of this article.

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