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View of opened laptop on desk beside cactus and mobile device, displaying beautiful wooden forest up closeJust because we’re living in a new normal, it doesn’t mean students can’t escape the four walls of the classroom to see the world. In fact, that’s one of the biggest advantages of a virtual classroom – students now have the opportunity to experience far-off lands, different cities, and interesting locations in a way that’s safe and provides fantastic learning material.

Curious to know how video conferencing can transform a virtual classroom (or any online learning environment) into a dynamic and visually engaging space? Want to how both educators and learners, of all ages, from junior school to post-grad can benefit from a virtual field trip?

Here are a few things you should know about how to teach in a virtual classroom when it comes to planning and executing virtual field trips:

Here are a few ways that detail how to make online classes more interactive with virtual field trips:

  1. View of opened laptop partially covering body of young woman smiling and waving, seated at desk interacting with screen wearing headphonesGet In Touch With The Local Community
    After you’ve selected the location you want to “visit,” consider how you can get in touch with a local or someone within the community who can show you around and take you on a tour! Can’t connect with someone living in the location you want to explore? With free video conferencing, your virtual classroom can open up to just about everywhere with curated tours, and well-designed trips that can take you into places you never thought possible! Try going on a walk through the Johnson Space Center or into Sơn Đoòng, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam.
  2. Help Your Students Learn and Explore With a Virtual Classroom
    Go further than just the virtual classroom with virtual field trips that bring students right into the action. Imagine being able to watch a live surgery in a first-class hospital’s operating room. Or experience a real-live active volcano at the foothills of an Icelandic mountain. It’s easy to almost feel like you’re there in real life when you can tune into a live stream and share it with the class using free video conferencing. Simply click the Screen Share option to bring everyone onto the same page. Got a YouTube live stream you want to share? Copy and paste the link in the chat box during a video chat or access it on your screen and screen share. It’s that simple and engaging!
  3. Angled view of a young woman using laptop on table, seated on ground at home beside couch with exposed brick in background“Travel” With Other Classes
    Join forces with other classes all over the world to broaden your reach and open up networking opportunities. Become virtual pen pals or international classmates when you can meet each other in an online setting and connect to work on group projects, share opinions, and swap insights.
  4. Share On-Location
    Invite students to be their own news anchors by having them “report” what they are seeing and learning on-site. Using a green screen, stock 360 images, and video conferencing, they can be “on-location” in the arctic conducting interviews with polar bears, sharing the weather details of the sunny but chilly tundra they’re in. The creative and interactive learning possibilities are plentiful!
  5. Go More Than Once To The Same Location
    Each time you go, get students to point out and learn different things about the location. For example, if you went on a virtual excursion to a specific museum like the National Museum of History to walk around the Cyprus exhibit, the teacher can pull up the trip, screen share with video conferencing, and guide students on a curated tour, pointing out certain artifacts. Visit again, but get a student to lead this time. Let the student share what they learned about ancient pottery or a specific piece of art.

Let assist you with your virtual classroom setup. Plan your next virtual field trip with free video conferencing software that grants you and your learners access to incredible places near and far. Just because you can’t physically go somewhere, it doesn’t mean somewhere can’t visit you! With a few simple features including Screen Sharing, and File and Document Sharing, lets you uncover and explore museums, beaches, countries, and more with a few clicks. Get started now.

Black and white view of chairs aligned in a circle with a tablet laid down on chair in foreground.jpgA good support group online doesn’t have to feel impersonal. In fact, with the right video conferencing technology, it can feel like quite the opposite. Even in an online setting, the benefits of support groups are aplenty, and when properly structured can be a source of healing, community, and informative transmission.

So what are support groups and what makes a good support group stand out from the rest? An online support group is meant to be an outlet that unites people who are going through the same thing in a virtual setting to swap stories, share words of encouragement, provide comfort, and dole out advice. It can be led by an expert facilitator or by someone who has been through the ordeal themselves. (more…)

Online support groupsView of woman with a young child hugging her from behind, seated at desk at home in living room on laptop using a tablet-min might sound a little “new age” for those who aren’t initiated into the virtual world. Let it be known, however, that even in a digital environment, an online support group can provide the valuable group dynamic, emotional reinforcement, and first-hand health information hard to come by otherwise. Especially as we move forward navigating a new normal, an online approach that creates a safe space to speak out and connect with others on the same journey can be a truly healing process.


Man sitting at communal desk near window, engaged on laptop, using finger to navigate screen, with another person on laptop in background-minJust because the world has put a halt on how day to day life is carried out, doesn’t mean that learning has to follow the same path. In fact, it’s skyrocketed! You’ve probably heard the words “virtual training session” get thrown around quite a bit. That’s probably because with the advent of a worldwide shift to doing almost everything online, so too has training – all kinds of training!

Read on for a few pro-tips about what, why and how virtual training sessions are shaping the way people of all ages from all places learn, connect and share without limitations. (more…)

View of opened laptop against white brick wall with money floating around itYou probably have an idea of what campaign fundraising is, even if the words “campaign fundraising” only bring up images of Girl Guide cookies! While this is a pretty basic concept, the idea remains the same.

Promoting your event, getting candidate exposure, and shining a light on the needs of the community all require the financial means to actually make a difference and get things done.


Casual-looking man with laptop, smiling and looking into the distance to the right, seated at a picnic bench in a coffee shop-minSo you’re wondering how to start a support group online.

In light of a global pandemic, it’s been challenging for people to get the help and support they need. Being separated, and feeling disconnected, especially when in the throes of a mental health breakdown, trauma healing or in the middle of therapy treatment, it’s easy to feel derailed. Getting further away from the path towards healing can set anyone on a downward spiral.

But there’s hope – and lots of it. (more…)

Young smiling woman seated at desk in front of laptop wearing headphones, teaching and communicating with hands against a white wallFor teachers, a virtual classroom opens up the pleasure of learning to a huge number of students around the world. Learning new skills and taking courses that provide exciting content is readily available now that everyone has the opportunity to learn anything with the implementation of digital tools. A “virtual classroom” becomes the online space for high-quality courses to be taught. But to keep up with the growing trend of teaching virtually, there are a few things to familiarize yourself with first.


Over the shoulder view of stylish young woman seated at desk with open laptop, taking a video of herself with smartphoneSo you want to know how to get coaching clients fast. You’ve got the credentials. You’re educated, smart, passionate, and know your area inside out. You’ve got everything in place and your business is launched online – maybe not entirely, but you have an online presence and you’re eager to get your business going to attract the clients of your dreams.

Client acquisition is critical to the health of your online coaching business. Your face and presence are the foundational building blocks and how you’re able to present yourself in an online environment will determine how fast you’re able to get clients. Online is where you will be creating video, social media and written content, plus doing the bulk of your one-on-ones and group sessions using video conferencing. (more…)

Backside view of inspired man standing on edge of a rock, arms uplifted facing a big and beautiful sunlit gorgeLiving in a world that grants us the opportunity to learn from coaches and mentors all over the globe opens up the possibility of creating a life you truly want. Video conferencing, online webinars, tutorials and workshops put these people in direct contact with you at the tips of your fingers from the comfort of your own home. If there is something you’re looking to work on – personal fitness, wealth consciousness, life direction – there is a coach somewhere to match your needs and take you to the next level.


Young woman sipping coffee, diligently working in a cafe in front of laptop in the corner surrounded by windows, seated beside business partner’s open laptopIf you want to work with people to help them open up and reach their highest potential, then an online-based coaching business might be a right fit for you. With video conferencing technology that reaches far and wide for business and personal use, starting a coaching business exponentially affects how you’re able to touch lives from your own home, no longer limiting you to being stuck in an office.