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Category: Features

August 11, 2012
Focus on What's Important:  Eliminating Background Noise and Distractions

[row] [column md="8"] Be Mindful of Your Surroundings Call from a quiet location. Turn off the ringer of a multi-line phone or any other phone in the room. Use Optimal Equipment The best equipment choice for your conference is a phone unit directly hardwired into telephone lines. If possible, avoid using cell phones, cordless phones, […]

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June 20, 2012 Adds Google Calendar Integration to Suite of "Sync" Services

LOS ANGELES--June 20, 2012--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreeConference®, the leader in audio conferencing services, has integrated its services with Google Calendar, providing seamless conference scheduling and sharing. This follows FreeConference “Sync” services with Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft Outlook, creating the most comprehensive set of organizational conferencing tools available.

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April 13, 2010 Launches Facebook Application to Connect Friends

Schedule and Manage Conferences Right from Facebook Page LOS ANGELES—April 13, 2010— While most social media sites help connect people in the virtual world, a new FreeConference® application takes communication to the next level with audio conferencing. FreeConference now provides the tools and shortcuts to schedule a conference and invite friends to join right from […]

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August 8, 2004
News Article: Chicago Tribune, August 8, 2004

"Teleconferencing spurs more excited talk" By Jon Van Tribune staff reporter Published August 8, 2004 The teleconferencing surge that took off after Sept. 11 as an alternative to business travel continues to grow. At Andrew Corp., for example, spending for conference calls tripled over the last year as the Orland Park company grew through acquisitions. […]

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July 17, 2002 News Article:  Telespan, July 17, 2002

“ News Article:  Telespan, July 17, 2002” by Elliot M. Gold Ever hear of Integrated Data Concepts, Inc or  As we said in the sixties "read on!" Actually it was "write on!" -or was it Right On!? Just as we thought we had bottomed out in our prices this summer, with automated voice conference calls being […]

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