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Top 7 Business Tools for Managing Time Zone Differences

This blog post probably wouldn’t exist 20 years ago (insert modern globalization cliché here), as more companies find employees that are spread all over the globe, the demand for a Time Zone management was formed. Here are Top 7 business tools for managing Time Zone differences for remote team members.

Timefinder1. Timefinder

Let’s start with the big picture, the Timefinder is a simple but handy app that shows time zones on the globe. The app lays out the countries of the globe. The handy tool bar on the left allows you to pick your cities. When a city is picked, the local time is shown on the tool bar and the map.

2. Boomerang

boomerang time zone app

Boomerang helps you schedule emails so they could be sent out later. This is handy especially for team members abroad in case you send something urgent while they are off duty. Boomerang integrates with Gmail to help you send certain emails at certain times, simple enough.

3. Time Zone Converter

time zone converter appLike a calculator or currency converter, this app is as simple as it gets, 2 clocks, the one on the left always displays local time. The clock on the right is where you enter a major city, it will give the local time in that major city, perfect for time zone emergencies and quick searches.

4. World Clock Meeting Planner

timeanddate time zone appEver get frustrated with planning a meeting with colleagues overseas while dealing with different time-zones? Well the World Clock Meeting Planner allows you to enter multiple locations so you get a clear view for the answer to “What time is it there?” Allowing easy planning for trans-national meetings.

5. allows you to keep track of the local time of your team members. Simply put your team members and their affiliated cities on the website so you get a clear view of all your team members and their local times. A useful visual interface.

6. World Time Buddy

Ever get frustrated with planning a meeting… wait a minute didn’t we go through this already? World Time buddy is similar to World Clock Meeting Planner in that you chose 3 or more cities to see what time it is in other locations compared to a certain local time. This app has Widgets and mobile app integrations too.

world time buddy time zone app

7. Just use your phone (iOS)

Feeling repetitive? You’re not alone, apparently there’s only so much you can do with Time zones. If you have an iPhone, simply use the World Clock feature to add specific locations to compare different time-zones.

world clock feature for iPhone


P.S. We have our own!

If you're feeling flustered by all of these choices, don't fret just yet. has our own time-zone management app to manage your international conference calls! You can find it under the Schedule function or in Settings --> Time Zones.

a pair of hands hold a clock and have three different time from three cities aside

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