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How To Access & Use Your Online Meeting Room

Keeping track of what’s happening during your meetings can sometimes be a pain, but with your free online meeting room it doesn’t have to be!

Host your free online meeting right from your web browser using your unique conference URL and see everything that’s going on during your call.

  • Participants can meet virtually using your dedicated URL, or they can dial in by phone  - regardless, you'll see exactly who’s attending your meeting.
  • Show them what you’re talking about by instantly sharing your desktop with your virtual guests.
  • Use webcams to meet face-to-face for a more visually engaged discussion.
  • Keep lines clear and conversations on track. Active speaker puts a spotlight on the person doing the talking, even without video stream. And with our flexible set of moderator controls, you can eliminate background noise and interruptions hassle-free.
  • Use the built-in text chat for questions, making important notes, or listing out action items during your call. Everything will be saved in the call summary and accessible from your conference history for you to review at any time. You can even upload files and documents to the chat window, so that conferees can download the items to their own computer. 

Your online meeting room comes free with your account, along with your dedicated dial-in. It’s unique to your account, so you can use it as often as you’d like, even with no advance notice. It’s always ready to go for your meetings.


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