Keep The Faith With A Prayer Line

Open the doors wider to any place of worship by inviting and engaging everyone in the congregation
– near or far.

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Expand How Far You Can Spread The Word

Being able to expand your reach and touch the lives of everyone in your community becomes even more accessible with video conferencing and conference call technology that’s free and offers 24/7 access.


prayer line-book+checklist

How To Start A Prayer Line
A Step-By-Step Guide

This eBook is for you if you are looking for a better way to plan your content and manage your prayer line in advance in order to create a large following.



Connect With The Community

Reliable 2-way communication software makes connecting with churchgoers, bible study students, and more, convenient and effective when sharing a prayer request or uniting in prayer together.

Gather More Listeners

Increase listenership with automated controls that set reminders and invitations for you and sync with Google calendar (coming soon) so everyone is in the know and aligned about how and when to access your prayer line.



Manage Everything In One Place

Watch how the whole session unfolds from the in-call dashboard in the online meeting room that visually displays the controls, settings and gives you the ability to host a video conference.

Be Extra Engaging In Real-Time

You can choose to be face-to-face via video or opt to solely stick to audio via conference calling. Either way, everything is in real-time and can be recorded to enjoy for later. Even live streaming on YouTube is an additional option.


Features That Make An Impact

Your prayer line comes with all the tools you need to make an engaging and uplifting experience.


Free Connection Test

Test your microphone, audio, video, and internet connection with the handy Call Diagnostic Tool.


Free Dial-In Numbers All Over The World

Have participants join your prayer worldwide with numbers available in xx countries. Including Nigeria, Canada, and much more.


Moderator Controls

Keep your conference calls clear, uninterrupted and organized with moderator controls.


Free Online Address Book

Upload your contacts for the fastest, easiest conference call set up ever.

Live Support

At FreeConference, we’re always happy to help.​ Check out the FAQ. Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, create a ticket.​