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Tutoring High School Students with Free Video Conferencing

It's hard being a teenager—between extra-curricular activities, class projects, and the looming pressure of one’s peers, high school is a formative time. The grades students get in high school will affect what post-secondary program they will get into, and these numbers all around will affect career options and overall quality of life. 


All students at any level can use a tutor of some kind. Whether a student is ahead of the curve, falling behind, or just wishes to stay sharp, tutors can help students of all stripes. It takes a patient, skillful person to be a good mentor, and it takes an inquisitive and hard-working student to make the most out of the advice and guidance.

However, tutelage can be difficult when instructors are unable to travel, or of travel is inconvenient. For school boards in rural areas, for example, travelling can be inconvenient and costly. Thankfully, has the perfect solution for tutoring from any distance—enjoy reliable, free video conferencing at the tips of your fingers today!

Share problems over screen sharing 


Subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry can be notoriously difficult for many high school students. The analytic, problem-solving nature of these disciplines can instill panic in some students, especially in more creative types. However, with a good mentor, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Since maths and sciences have many diagrams, visual aids, and word problems, it can help to visualize them for students. When communicating with free video conferencing on, you can use our screen-sharing feature to instantly show your students any problems or diagrams. This is also useful for classes like history and geography, in which you may need to display a map to your students. This useful feature allows for real-time quizzing, progress updates, and challenging puzzles, all at the click of a mouse!

Track a student’s progress in real-time

If teachers do not know a student’s learning curve, how can they tell if the student has progressed? It’d be very difficult to tell, wouldn’t it? That is why it is important to carefully track a student’s progress, and it has never been easier through free video conferencing.

With our recurring call scheduler, you can plan lessons, evaluations, and much more. These recurring events and meetings will help you to evaluate what areas your student is struggling and excelling in. A simple email reminder will keep you both on the same page!

You can also use to host free video conferencing with multiple students at a time. Juggling multiple students to tutor can be difficult on top of all the other stress in your life, so why not get it all done at once?

A bit of help (or a lot) can go a long way, especially for students with difficulty learning in traditional settings. offers a wealth of services to help students learn, and to make your tutoring job less difficult and more rewarding. Check out our services today to make the most out of your lessons!

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