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Make Your Sermons Even More Uplifting With Video Conferencing

Uplift Your Sermons By Going Digital

SermanWith free video conferencing capabilities available for businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and charities, it’s an impactful decision for churches to jump on the technological bandwagon too. If you haven’t implemented the advantages of video conferencing, this is your chance to get a closer look at how it can make a Sunday service more dynamic. If you want to stay relevant, interesting and engaging, video conferencing with free screen sharing, might be exactly what you need to increase participation, amp up sermons and reach more people.

Considering all the effort that goes into putting a sermon together, going digital could be the very thing that drives the message home and reaches beyond the people sitting in the pews. Let your church’s sermons really have a resounding effect by incorporating video conferencing to make Sunday’s delivery more interactive.


Religious ReferencesBy setting up video conferencing to record the pastor’s sermon, what was once a fleeting speech has now become available for everyone to listen to, not only in church but to those who maybe can’t make it. Whether due to sickness, or distance, the technology allows for inclusivity regardless of location. Furthermore, with the ability to hit the record button, the sermon becomes tangible. The pastor’s words don’t disappear into thin air, rather, they are made indelible via video recording. And accessible! Making sermons and other church content available to the community means they can listen to their favorite parts over and over, and they can share it with others via posts on social media. Plus, the pastor and clergy can replay the recording to learn how to improve or make adjustments for next time, helping to further the impact of the content.


Video conferencing gives the church the opportunity to touch more lives. Pastors can preach their message farther out than the city in which they reside, and coordinate with other churches in the extended network locally or internationally to unite everyone with a powerful message. Plus, with the free screen sharing feature, sermons can take on a whole new dimension. The content isn’t just audible, it can become visual. The pastor is now able to present what’s onscreen with other group participants, to make for a more collaborative and graphic sermon that includes images, videos, screens from other participants, and more.

Sermons can even be made into a podcast. Not everyone has the time or the lifestyle to sit glued to a screen. A sermon turned into audio is wonderful while commuting on foot, or working out. Imagine the audience you could bring together through your church by launching a podcast. Simply record the sermons, host it and stream it, and watch how you can reach even more people with these powerful words (with a fully compatible hosting service like TalkShoe, it doesn't matter if you’ve never tried podcasting before – everything you need to get started to launch a sermon as a podcast with features like RSS feed, auto transcription, and more, is right here).

ComposerAlso, implementing a video conferencing service that has live streaming capabilities as an additional, paid feature, gives sermons and other content real-time appeal. Sermons can be broadcasted directly on YouTube for the general public or in private for those who have the link. This gives church-goers the option of being able to tune in from home if the weather is bad or their kids are ill. A live-service has an appeal that fosters a sense of urgency and being there in the moment. And if anyone misses it? There’s a recording for later! Either way, by giving more options to join, you’ll see how much live-streaming is a definite way to increase attendance.

Consider how a sermon can also become shorter videos on a YouTube channel. By selecting clips from the desired sermon or keeping the whole sermon intact, you can create a channel and upload to gain viewership. As the second largest search engine in the world with four billion views a day if a sermon has something to say, there are people here who will watch it.

Whatever topic is covered in the sermon, from marriage to faith to justice and beyond, is the communications platform that gives more meaning to a church service. With features that include free screen sharing, free video conferencing and free conference calls with the option for enhanced paid features like YouTube Streaming, the occasion to create even more soul-stirring emotional sermons that impact people’s lives in and outside of the church is knocking on your door. Learn more here.

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