Easily find the content of your past meetings by searching your FreeConference.com call history, just like your email.

You won’t have to look hard, to look smart

Smart Search is your ideal search bar for saving time and managing post meeting data. While Smart Summaries save all your important meeting content, Smart Search allows you to access everything with minimal effort.


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Easily find content that was shared (or created) during a conference call

Want to review a document that was shared during a past team meeting? What if you can’t recall which of the dozen meetings when it was shared? That’s not a problem with Smart Search! Smart Search allows you to search everything from documents to the chat logs to the pre-set agenda. This will save you countless hours of archiving, saving and searching.

Find and play audio recordings from search terms

Auto transcripts are generated along with audio and video recordings, providing a searchable record of your discussion. Smart Search also includes meeting transcripts in the search results so you can click through to the precise spot in the recording for a quick and accurate reminder of exactly what was said, by whom and when.

Get an overview of related meetings, going deeper than just the agenda

Search your complete conference history for keywords to discover a list of your meetings with matching content from chat messages, shared files, contacts, transcripts & more. Seeing the history of your conference calls around a central search term could provide you with more context to your discussions.

One place for all your meeting content

Figuring out which platform contains the documents you’re searching for is half the battle. Using FreeConference.com, you’ll be surprised by the ease in referencing one single archive for the contents of your discussions. We’ve got it covered by storing all your details in one place you now have a cohesive searchable database with all your meeting details.

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