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Enrich Your Bible Study Group With Video Conferencing

book notesIf you’re a voracious reader, chances are you’ve got plenty of books to go through on your list. Amongst your coveted curated list of literary goodies, most likely there’s a religious text. For a large portion of Christians, the Bible is a must-read amongst their community. Some have read it front to back, while others engage in Bible studies as a way to break it down into more easily digestible chunks.

Want to gain a more thorough knowledge of the holy book? Set up a Bible study group through your church (or on your own) using video conferencing technology. Leading a group makes for a more engaging and compelling read through such a thick text, plus it serves as a way to bring the community together. Not only will intaking an ambitious read be better understood, you get more out of the text with structured meetings in a group setting, better discussion and plenty of insights. With the help of video conferencing, starting and leading a Bible study group doesn’t require many logistics, and the benefits are plenty.


Video conferencing gives everyone a direct view into the lives of others. It’s an eye-opening experience when you can learn about the trials and triumphs and daily struggles of other participants practicing their faith in different parts of the world. Your network becomes wider, and you’ll quickly learn that everyone might be different, but it’s the faith and word of God that unites the group together.


Timing is everything! Video conferencing provides participants with the flexibility of meeting after hours or when the time is convenient for all participants. Put the kids to bed before jumping on a call or connect to wifi on a flight and listen in to what other participants are saying. The way in which people are able to show up on their own time makes for a more loyal following overall.


Feel less anxiety about having to carve out travel time to make it to the group. In fact, video conferencing gives everyone the luxury of not only removing travel time altogether, but also giving participants the freedom to wear what they want while sipping a coffee or having a snack – in whatever space they feel comfortable in.


Invite new people, and ask them to invite their friends and family. Video conferencing promotes inclusivity and urges everyone to share and open up. Consider the possibilities of reaching out overseas to youth groups and members of the same church in a different location or missionaries.


Watch how your network open outside of your immediate community – or get to know members of your community more deeply. With video conferencing, people with limited mobility are able to participate and be social without having to leave home or be uncomfortable outside of their limitations. For those who live very remotely or have to go out of town for a business trip? Everyone has the opportunity to discuss the word of God no matter their schedule.

Keep These 4 Things In Mind:

  1. Use video conferencing technology that is simple, intuitive and low cost. Free is even better! With handy features like moderator controls, zero downloads, and easy login, no one feels overwhelmed or excluded. Keep everyone happy with simple, accessible technology members can access.
  2. Keep engagement high by having a preliminary talk (or a quick email outline) regarding video conferencing techniques, interruption and how to read people’s body language for better flow.
  3. Video conferencing doesn’t mean you have to use video, although it is highly recommended! Many opt to use text chat or audio but keep in mind, whoever is leading should at least video in, and if others want to as well, it makes for a rich experience. Over time, when everyone uses the video conferencing feature, deeper connections are facilitated and better friendships are made!
  4. Try to maintain the intimacy of a small group of 10-15 people. Any bigger, and some people may feel left out. Plus, time flies when you’re having fun so make sure everyone gets a chance to say something.

Experience how much more profound your faith can feel when you engage with other members of your community (or total strangers, or a mixture of both!) as you share and discuss lessons learned from the Bible. Decide if you want to meet up once a week to discuss themes, or break down historical books. Perhaps starting a prayer group sounds appealing or taking your church’s sermons online is more feasible. The possibilities to bring your faith together with technology are endless! Diving into the word of God has never been so fruitful, thanks to video conferencing.

Let bring your Bible study group closer with a two-way prayer line conferencing platform that nurtures your meeting and grows your sessions effectively. Use any of the many free features offered like video conferencing, conference calling, free screen sharing and free document sharing to create more engagement and keep participants active.

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