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To Download Or Not To Download? That Is The Question!

It’s 2019, and let’s face it. We’re pretty used to everything being instant. If a new browser tab doesn’t open in 3 seconds, we’re double clicking, refreshing or opening up a new tab in the meantime. If we’re downloading an app on our smart phone, and the spinning wheel of death just doesn’t want to stop spinning, we’re already hitting the factory reset. If our emails aren’t coming through within moments, we’re automatically ransacking our settings, scouring our junk mail and cursing. Does this paint a picture of modern times or what? We’re used to technology unfolding at the speed of light. In fact, we expect it!

download-free-picFrom car rides to overseas delivery to “message sent”, the faster our stuff gets to and from us, the happier and more productive we can be. Enter video conferencing. How we previously managed to stay on top of tasks seems unfathomable! And how strained it must have been to keep in touch with remote employees overseas. Oh wait, that probably didn’t happen very much, and if it did, it was the cost of the flight and the accommodation that didn’t make it very appealing for the bosses to agree on.

But with video conferencing, 2-way communication just got a whole lot more feasible. It’s so readily available from every employer. Professionally speaking, it’s the go-to for businesses across the board. As a freelancer, you’re using it. As a start-up you’re definitely using it, and as an enterprise-level business, you can’t start the day without it! Video conferencing and conference calling has shaped the way we do business – and the extraordinary results that come with it.

Video conferencinglady having coffee in bed has given both employees and employers the capacity to do more work that’s collaborative, productive and able to transcend time and space. Connecting face-to-face in real time with people all over the world has never been easier, more affordable or available.

With that being said, however, some video conferencing truly outshines others. With so many on the market, it’s a little bit challenging to figure out which one best suits your needs. Here’s one thing to consider when you’re on the hunt for the video conferencing software that works for you:

To download or not to download? It’s as simple as that! Let’s break it down a little further.

Having to download anything requires minutes of your time and precious memory from your device. Plus, anyone joining in on the meeting needs to download the software too. Downloading makes any process more drawn out, and adds another layer of work to an otherwise easy routine.

guy-airport-laptopVideo conferencing software that requires ZERO downloads is the way of the future. With no downloads and no software to install, online meetings are instant and convenient. Participants don’t have to get flustered with links to download this and logins to download that. Video conferencing software that offers a fully integrated, download-free video conference experience makes any meeting engaging, especially without the headache of going through extra steps.

So how do you have a video conferencing sync without downloads? By opening up the online meeting room right in your web browser! Here’s a quick rundown on how to get started:

First, fill in the signup form here, then you will be directed to your in-browser online meeting room.

If you want to set up a meeting immediately, click on the menu on the right, and copy the conference details. Email or text them to colleagues and friends. They will be able to follow the meeting link in their Google Chrome Browser.

Click “start now” in your online dashboard.

As soon as everyone is in your online meeting room, click the video icon at the top of the screen. Congratulations! You’re now hosting your first video conference.

If you don’t have Google Chrome and or want download-free video conferencing but with quick and easy access from your desktop; or want to get the app for your device, Click here for a list of shortcuts.

Let give you and your team an instant connection and download-free video conferencing experience. In mere seconds, your web browser becomes a portal for you to host free video calls with your team from anywhere in the world – for free. No waiting, no spinning wheel just instant connection!

Sign up here and get started today.

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