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Working From Home with FreeConference

I don’t need to tell you why working from home can be so preferable. It’s always nice to know no one else will touch your coffee or use your restroom. It is widely recognized that remote work is on the rise and many employees jump at the opportunity to work from home. With FreeConference, you would be able to manage to work from home in the most relaxing yet effective way.


The Undeniable Rise of Remote Work

The size of tWorking From homehe remote working class has been gradually increasing since the new millennium. According to this article by Dan Marzullo of Zenefits, remote work has gone up to 43% and employees working remotely 80-100% of the time increased by 7% between 2013 to 2016. Since remote workers are not physically present in the office, it is just as if not more important to keep them engaged. Consistent communication is critical for remote workers, establishing their presence with the rest of the team. is Your Remote Solution

Accessibility and user experience are key factors to ensure good communication with your remote team. FreeConference allows their users to connect via phone or online with no scheduling required. It is one of the most accessible apps around, even from the pool and spa. You don't even need to download anything if you don't want to.

User experience is also a key feature of FreeConference. Not only is it easy to use, it offers a robust suite of features such as video calling and document sharing. Using FreeConference would allow you to work from anywhere, a perfect solution for your remote work. the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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