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Using Video Call Services for Research Projects

Picture yourself working on a major research project for a university—half of your team is in Montreal, the other is in a remote area in the American Southwest. There has just been a major breakthrough, but time is running out. Your projected deadline is approaching fast, your team is overworked, and taking a whole day’s worth of travel just isn’t feasible or cost-effective.

Thank goodness for the Internet, right? With free group video call services, you can talk to groups and individuals from anywhere around the world. For scientists working on crowd-sourced projects, especially, this is a vital service for cutting down on travel time and maintaining open communication between everyone involved with a project.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a video conference call using the Internet’s best free video call services, In just a few simple steps, you can set up conference calls, video chat, and a number of other useful features.

No Subscription or Download Required

What separates from other video calling services is its browser capabilities—without any download, subscription, or fees (hidden or otherwise), provides an easy-to-use video calling software without the hassle of downloads, subscriptions, and updates.

Simply enter your login information into the “sign up” prompt on’s homepage and be on your way! All you need is an email address, and you can import your contact list and other useful information to start your free group video calling.

A Number of Useful Features’s services don’t begin and end with just video calling—there are a number of other useful features to make your calling more efficient and streamlined.

FreeConference features a useful screen sharing service, where you can share your whole desktop or a particular window with other participants in a conference call. There is also a feature called Document Sharing. For the purpose of a research project, this is especially helpful—you can share charts, forms, documents, and other information by a document sharing, without the hassle of sending documents through email and other means. When you need to, you can even share documents through the service itself, saving you time by avoiding jumping between tabs and windows to send important information.

When things kick up and get super busy, it’s easy for scheduled meetings to slip your mind. That’s why has designed a call scheduler—for frequent and infrequent conference calls, this easy-to-use scheduler will help you avoid missing important updates, meetings, and check-ins. These meetings are important for research projects, because everyone must be on the same page.

Finally, and perhaps the most useful feature for research purposes, is’s call summary function. For those times when somebody can’t make it to a call, or something was left unclear, this function allows you to track who participated in the call, when they arrived and left, and keeps a log of all chat messages sent during the call. You can also record the entire meeting with call recording and even get a full transcription!

When you need to stay in quick contact with your team, there’s no time to waste on crashing apps, updates, or subscriptions. Time is money, and that is why is optimized to work perfectly on your browser. Sign up free video call services with today!

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