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How To Treat Donors After A Big Contribution

Fundraising strategies are the backbone of every nonprofit’s campaign. They are essential to the livelihood of the cause you’re promoting. What we don’t want to forget is that behind every contribution, there’s an actual person or group of people. It’s too easy to get caught up in the backend of your donation campaign, which means you lose sight of the people who help you hit your financial targets. Without donors, you wouldn’t be able to get very far at all.

cash in walletSure, journals, mugs, and anything that’s monogrammed are nice takeaways for donors, but it’s more about the deeper connection and understanding of why the donor chose to support you and your cause. What drives them? Why did they choose your nonprofit? Keep the following in mind next time you get a serious payout from a donor:


Truly, and Deeply Thank Donors ASAP

Reaching out promptly (within a week or two, if not days) after a donation is made, ensures no one gets forgotten. Plus, it shows initiative and how much you really care. Setting up a conference call, firing off a recorded thank you message, sending real mail, even a two to five minute “Thank you” video recorded using video conferencing software – however you do it, acknowledging their contribution goes a long way to making them feel valued. Plus, it strengthens the bond for future donations.

Understand Your Donor’s Motivation For Giving

Schedule and organize an event or conference call to meet your donors face to face and get to know them personally. Find out what drives their generosity and dig to get more information. This is valuable because it forges a deeper connection while also revealing insights that can be saved and used for later to attract the same kind of open handed donors.

Show How A Donor’s Contribution Greatly Affects Your Cause

heart in handsGive your donors credit and broadcast their generosity as far and wide as you can across social media and business communication material. Show numbers, conduct interviews and create content from any previously recorded video conferences or conference calls about what you want to do with the money that’s been given to your cause. Where is it going? Who is it benefitting? Put names and faces, hashtags, and urls to these pieces of content.

Strive For Multiple Contact Points Per Year

When you’re reaching out for new donors, keep in mind you should be aiming for 2-3 acquisition roll-outs. Not only do these bring in “fresh blood” it’s a perfect opportunity to create a platform for previous and potential donors to learn more about the cause. Contact points can include newsletters; events that invite donors to show up in person and participate rather than donate monetarily; scheduled video conferencing catch ups, donor communications materials, and more.

Stay On Top Of Feedback

Whatever feedback comes your way from donors, whether positive or negative, ensure your policy is “open door.” Providing quick access videos and FAQ; a support line or scheduling an urgent conference call shows that you’re able to act quickly and see to it that the donor’s feedback is received. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to engage and thank them for their input.

Make A Good Old Fashioned (Conference) Call

ladiesOrganizing a conference call weeks or months down the line with a donor is a chance for you to ask them questions in real-time and get their opinions about the campaign. What do they like/dislike about your campaign? What should you consider doing differently next season? Bonus: You don’t have to worry about long distance charges with free conference calling software and dial-in numbers.


Take Donors On A Tour

If your donor is overseas or out of town and can’t make it to your office or headquarters, invite them on a virtual tour. Using video conferencing technology, set up a time and date and literally take your device with you as you stroll through your space. Introduce your donor to the people who work hard behind the scenes or the people who are directly affected by donations!

Crack Down On Customer Service…

...and watch how it really plays out as “donor service.” Being treated like a human instead of a number has massive benefits, especially when you make a donor feel special. Build an effective donor retention strategy by making every interaction count. Focus on excellent customer service by properly training volunteers and forward-facing staff; provide self service resources and up-to-date info available online.

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