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Collaborating with Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is an incredibly useful feature for video conferencing with peers.  It can be used for showing presentations, catching up on a missed meeting or lecture, or even discussing and working on a project. Maybe you’re looking for feedback on a new design or website, or just want to share your progress or findings with a co-worker. Whatever the use, customers make the most out of Screen Sharing by using it to collaborate with others. Check out some examples of how it can be used to make the most out of your time.

Presenting the Perfect PowerPoint

It may seem odd, but many people can relate to the feeling of creating a well-constructed PowerPoint. All of the information is relevant, interesting visuals are included to supplement the presentation, even custom transitions are used! But what’s the best way to share it with peers or coworkers abroad? 

Need to cram your last night study session with friends. Use screen sharing so you can study with anyone, anywhere from the web.

Need to cram your last night study session with friends? Use screen sharing so you can study with anyone, anywhere from the web.

One great way is by using Screen Sharing during a free video conference. Other users in the call will be able to see the shared screen with the PowerPoint presentation while listening to the presentation itself. Moderator controls can even be used to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible!

Studying "Well Before" the Exam

Students often find that they enjoy studying in groups, and that it keeps them more productive, and that help is more accessible. But meeting up with all of their friends can be a huge logistical hassle, so they use group video calling instead. Notes are often exchanged through document sharing, and working through solutions with Screen Sharing. All of these features allow for the students to collaborate and prepare just in time for the exam.

Regardless of how it’s used, Screen Sharing is one of the best ways for friends, coworkers, or peers to collaborate with each other. If you’re interested in using Screen Sharing for your next call, sign up for a free account here, or view a full list of features here.

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