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Screen Sharing vs. Document Sharing: When to Use What

Thanks to the thousands of online tools and apps available through the internet, it is now easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues and group-mates anywhere in the world. When used in conjunction with web conferencing, two tools in particular are especially useful for remote collaboration: screen sharing and document sharing.

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over some of the unique applications of these two features and how both can be used for maximum effectiveness during your next online meeting.

Screen Sharing

Maybe you want to go over some plans with colleagues, present to clients, or share some vacation photos during a family web conference. Rather than going through the hassle of uploading, sending, and downloading files for others to see, screen sharing provides an easy way to present to your group members in real time during your online meeting.

Screen SharingShare Your Screen When…

  • Doing online presentations
  • Holding live demonstrations
  • Leading web tutorials
  • Troubleshooting issues on your computer

Document Sharing

While screen sharing is certainly a useful tool during online presentations and demos, sometimes it’s necessary for your participants to be able to access documents themselves. Much like sending a file attachment via email, uploading documents during a web conference allows your meeting participants to download and edit files on their own devices.

Screen Sharing & Document SharingShare a Document When…

  • Everyone needs a “hard copy” of the document
  • You need to distribute files for a project
  • You’re submitting your work during a web conference
  • Your screen share is too choppy due to a bad internet connection

Need both features? Use them!

For the best of both worlds, make use of screen sharing and document sharing during your next web conference. Share your screen for a live presentation, then upload files for your teammates to access. Tools such as FreeConference’s online meeting room allow participants to share screens and documents for seamless collaboration and virtual meetings.

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