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Participatory Education and Conference Calls

What You Need To Know About Participatory Education and Conference Calls

Participatory EducationLet’s start with the basics. The reason why participatory education was created was to give the people a way to better their own lives through education. Participatory education is where students get as equal a say in the shaping of class curriculum and activities as teachers and faculty. This model enables all parties in class to define their own educational needs.

Students and teachers need to work together in the creation, implementation, and evaluations of goals of the academic session.

The case for Participatory Education

Based on this great article by Stephen Thornton-Taylor, participatory education is “much more than learning through words and trivia.” It integrates the students into their own education, helping them develop as they grow mentally. Students learn to use a holistic approach to learn complex theories and skills through activities tailored to their liking.

While there were still similar issues that exists in all classrooms, participatory education creates new opportunities in an education field that always welcomes improvement.

When Education Modernizes The Classroom

Empty ClassroomWith the advancement and accessibility of modern technology, education has also greatly modernized. The most notable change being the rise of online education, where students are not physically present in the classroom. Participatory education could be a key factor for this type of education as it should boost the lackluster participation. However, online education courses could already be niche, so students might not be too interested in contributing to the teacher’s role.

Teachers in the classrooms are using video conferencing and YouTube streaming to reach beyond the classroom walls. This lets the new generation connect with classroom material through a medium they know and enjoy. Screen-sharing is also being used as visuals for complicated subjects as a classroom must-have, enabling further collaboration between students and teachers as an extra teaching aide.

Integrating modern technology into the classroom could prove to be great for participatory education. Students would not only learn the material more effectively through the help of technology, but know how to use and implement the same technology on their own.

How can Digital Communication And Conference Calls help?

Phone in classNever have the cell phone and the Internet connection been so well married as when Free Web Conferencing was created. A web meeting is basically a conference call that takes advantage of the convenience and audio quality of the telephone call, and splices on the information transfer potential of Free Screen Sharing.

Information can be shared by all participants from the convenience of their own desktops. A Syrian refugee can dial a Toll Free Number and participate in an organizational meeting with sponsors in Canada with the free Mobile Conference Call App.

Web Meetings, in particular, are the ultimate in digital participatory education and democracy.
Video Conferencing brings people face to face, though they may be on separate continents, or in different time zones. Call Scheduling, even of Recurring Calls, is a snap through Google Calendar Sync.

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