How Does A Virtual Event Work?

Side view of woman at desk looking down writing in notebook in front of laptop with phone in stand and ring light onFor a successful, high-impact virtual event, you’re going to have to put in some time planning and organizing. In fact, you’re going to want to treat it the same way you would any other in-person event. But don’t let that weigh you down. With video conferencing solutions at your fingertips, plus all the features you need to engage, present and create dynamic meetings, you can pull off a successful virtual event painlessly.… Read more →

How Do You Close A Sales Call?

Side view of employee smiling and in mid-conversation, seated at desktop computer in office space with headphones, looking to the rightAs part of a sales team, you know just how critical a sales call is. Especially now that we’ve moved everything online, a video conferencing sales call has to work extra hard at making a good first impression. Here’s the good news: With a few tips and tricks by your side, you can easily navigate a virtual environment to make a connection, flawlessly sell your product and gain the trust of clients.

Read on for a few ways to shine online using video conferencing:

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What Are The 5 Stages Of Project Management?

Overhead view desk with a page of charts and metrics, a sticky note, one hand writing in a notebook and the other hand using a laptopGetting a project off the ground requires a system of processes and talented individuals to get the work done. In basic terms, it’s no simple feat!

Relying on video conferencing to collaborate with multiple teams and individuals requires organization and efficient project management implementation across various offices, departments and chains of command. Cohesion, communication and centralization are key factors. Whoever you’re dealing with, be that a stakeholder, client or employee, there are many moving parts to take into consideration from conception to delivery.… Read more →

What Are Virtual Field Trips?

Overhead view of an opened laptop with passport, camera, and sunglasses laying on map with a finger pointing to specific locationVirtual field trips have been around even before the worldwide pause on travel. Keep in mind too that while the idea of a “field trip” sounds like something for middle schoolers, when made virtual, it can be for students and learners of all ages; teens, parents, grandparents, and adults too! Anyone who is learning can benefit from an online excursion.

It’s with the use of video conferencing technology that learners from anywhere in the world can go on a trip from their living room or classroom. Imagine being able to jump inside a volcano or dig deep into the earth to excavate precious gems. This is only the beginning of what’s available to explore.… Read more →

How Much Talking Should You Do On A Sales Call?

Man using smartphone to snap photos of product, pair of black and white shoes, showcased on cardboard boxes before shippingAs a salesperson working in an online environment and using video conferencing, your role is to win over prospective clients and retain customers. By showcasing your product or service to take your audience on a journey highlighting the features, benefits, problems, and solutions, you can close deals and gain a bigger following.

Here’s the thing though; In both B2B and B2C, it’s normal for a salesperson to feel pressured to “fit” everything into a pitch. With so many moving parts that “have” to be included in a sales call, remote sales presentation, or product demo, it’s easy to do too much talking and not enough listening.… Read more →

How An Online Whiteboard Improves Productivity For Virtual Team Meetings

Woman sitting in light-filled room propped up by big colorful pillows leaning back and writing in notebook while working on laptop wearing headphonesDoesn’t every business want to ramp up productivity? When it comes to being able to cater to the needs of your client, you and your team have to be able to maximize output without sacrificing quality. But there’s a better way of doing it rather than grinding it out. Pushing employees to their edge, stressing out about deadlines, worrying about finding new clients, and retaining current ones – these are all normal thoughts and everyday happenings for owners who work for themselves or run small to medium-sized businesses.

We know that whiteboards are the preferred way to break down ideas and concepts to people in a meeting, or for educational purposes in the classroom. But since not many of us are sitting in a huddle room with colleagues nowadays or teaching a lecture hall full of students in person, a whiteboard and markers are outdated. Instead, the old classic has been upgraded to be used online with far more features, optimizations, and benefits!… Read more →

How To Go On A Virtual Field Trip

View of opened laptop on desk beside cactus and mobile device, displaying beautiful wooden forest up closeJust because we’re living in a new normal, it doesn’t mean students can’t escape the four walls of the classroom to see the world. In fact, that’s one of the biggest advantages of a virtual classroom – students now have the opportunity to experience far-off lands, different cities, and interesting locations in a way that’s safe and provides fantastic learning material.

Curious to know how video conferencing can transform a virtual classroom (or any online learning environment) into a dynamic and visually engaging space? Want to know how both educators and learners, of all ages, from junior school to post-grad can benefit from a virtual field trip?… Read more →

What Makes For A Good Online Support Group Experience?

Black and white view of chairs aligned in a circle with a tablet laid down on chair in foreground.jpgA good support group online doesn’t have to feel impersonal. In fact, with the right video conferencing technology, it can feel like quite the opposite. Even in an online setting, the benefits of support groups are aplenty, and when properly structured can be a source of healing, community, and informative transmission.

So what are support groups and what makes a good support group stand out from the rest? An online support group is meant to be an outlet that unites people who are going through the same thing in a virtual setting to swap stories, share words of encouragement, provide comfort, and dole out advice. It can be led by an expert facilitator or by someone who has been through the ordeal themselves.… Read more →

What Happens In An Online Support Group?

Online support groupsView of woman with a young child hugging her from behind, seated at desk at home in living room on laptop using a tablet-min might sound a little “new age” for those who aren’t initiated into the virtual world. Let it be known, however, that even in a digital environment, an online support group can provide the valuable group dynamic, emotional reinforcement, and first-hand health information hard to come by otherwise. Especially as we move forward navigating a new normal, an online approach that creates a safe space to speak out and connect with others on the same journey can be a truly healing process.

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What is a Virtual Training Session?

Man sitting at communal desk near window, engaged on laptop, using finger to navigate screen, with another person on laptop in background-minJust because the world has put a halt on how day to day life is carried out, doesn’t mean that learning has to follow the same path. In fact, it’s skyrocketed! You’ve probably heard the words “virtual training session” get thrown around quite a bit. That’s probably because with the advent of a worldwide shift to doing almost everything online, so too has training – all kinds of training!

Read on for a few pro-tips about what, why and how virtual training sessions are shaping the way people of all ages from all places learn, connect and share without limitations.… Read more →