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Stop Overlooking, End Overbooking - with AI Video Conferencing Solutions

A Growing Market

Many businesses have incorporated elements of artificial intelligence, both to stay on top of current trends and to facilitate their day-to-day operations. If you’ve ever had a conversation with an automated reply service online, you’ve interacted with artificial intelligence. These developments have provided a myriad of benefits to those using them. Here's a few avenues that you may have been overlooking. 

A New Virtual Workforce

Among those benefits is the idea of creating a new virtual workforce. The automotive industries use a combination of automated warehouse robots and human workers to assemble car bodies, while tech companies often have AI set up to handle customer complaints or FAQs. These choices allow for more free time to be generated by AI for their human counterparts.


Enhancing Human Abilities with Artificial Intelligence

They also allow for integration of technology that requires minimal supervision and facilitates tasks for other workers. Artificial intelligence complements and enhances the skills and capabilities of the human workforce that currently exists.

For example, insurance underwriters use AI to review numerous publications about risk management, in order to write better policies in a fraction of the time.



Room For Innovation

Furthermore, they allow for further innovation within current markets. Preparing for the arrival of autonomous vehicles, for example, means preparing for the human market to have more free time, for activities such as shopping, entertainment or banking.

This, therefore, means that the subsequent sectors, that this abundance of free time will affect, can develop more for those markets.


New Avenues (Not To Be Overlooked)

People often overlook virtual conferencing solutions as part of the technologic revolution. And yet, thousands of people are using this technology every day, to overcome physical barriers, time zones, remote work locations and communication challenges. It truly is the new frontier of communications solutions and has aided people around the world to increase productivity, connectivity, and progress.

Here at FreeConference, we use artificial intelligence to boost your productivity, through the arrival of our Smart Summaries. We also wanted to personify the artificial intelligence that we use. She’s a huge part of our virtual conferencing system, and thus, of your overall experience. Do you want to meet her?


Harnessing AI’s Power  

We decided to develop a robot designed specifically to assist in your online virtual conferencing interactions. Her name is Cue, and she has been equipped to help manage your experience, sort your data, and protect your interests. She is available to add to your toolbox for 9.99/month, under the label Smart Summaries.


She handles a large portion of data management, as she is programmed to record, transcribe, tag, and save all of your data, from each meeting. These features can be broken down into three main categories: Auto Transcript, Auto Tag, and Smart Search.


Auto Transcript is a process of instantaneous transcription, aided by a voice-recognizing algorithm, which specifies speakers on the transcript. Using this feature, your notes are automatically taken for you, and the entire meeting has access to the same verbal data. Cue makes a complete transcript of this nature, for every meeting.


Auto Tag is another new AI feature, built into our AutoTranscription service. It's designed to read the algorithms in your speech patterns, and determine what is most important to each section of the discussion. It applies a hashtag to the most relevant key words, so that after the meeting, you can use that tag to find your way through the discussion.


Smart Search allows you to search your meeting archives. The feature displays meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, file names, meeting contacts, and more. It builds a search bar function for each meeting’s transcriptions. It also aids in e-discovery cases, when all material pertaining to a certain case can be called to the screen instantly.


Keeping Connected

FreeConference uses virtual conferencing technology to make our lives easier every day, as it allows us to communicate with our team from the other end of the world, and share moments, ideas, documents and experiences in real time. While the Artificial Intelligence component is a recent addition, it’s safe to say we take full advantage of the benefits technological advancements have to offer.

Our Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Cue, and her Smart Summaries are just some of the ways AI had made its way into this industry. As the market grows and develops more ways to streamline our daily tasks, it will aid us in harnessing the full power of Artificial Intelligence.

FreeConference utilizes the power of virtual conferencing and artificial intelligence technology to keep you connected; Smart Summaries is just the beginning. the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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