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Get More From Your Meetings - With Smart Summaries


We know that you probably already want to get out of your meetings. They aren't always run in a smart fashion. But have you considered trying to get more from them?

It’s easy to get jaded when certain studies cite that meetings take up around a third of your time, but some meetings are important - that’s why we keep having them.


Data-Driven Interactions

Since communion is essential to collaboration, and no business is built alone, FreeConference has been developing some impressive features looking to improve the way we interact with our colleagues and with our data. The main concerns we have been looking at addressing are issues of time, clarity, continuity and accountability.

Time Is Of the Essence

In these regards, traditional meetings leave much to be desired. An inordinate amount of time is spent determining the nature of the meeting, discussing the order in which people will voice their opinions, and taking credit for what’s been said. Don’t forget about taking notes, or your version of them- three loose-leaf sheets that will no doubt end up crumpled at the back of your agenda within the week.


Build A Better Tool Box

UsingFreeConference, not only are you opening up the possibility for attendance from any corner of the world, but that each person in this meeting has access to the same materials and tools to succeed after its completion. Our software has been built with the ideal meeting toolbox, accessible to all team members.

This toolbox is of a highly intelligent nature: its main task is to make your life easier, collaborating with your data while you collaborate with colleagues and partners.


What We Put in Our Smart Tool Box


Our most recently launched upgrades all fall under the Smart Summaries development we’ve released. They are comprised of our Auto Transcript, Auto Tag, and Smart Search features. These features are problem-solvers for all Freeconference Users, helping you manage your time, information and business more efficiently.

Auto Transcript

Auto Transcript is a process of instant transcription, assisted by a voice-recognizing algorithm, which specifies speakers on the official transcript. Never miss a word again: using this feature, your notes are automatically taken for you, and the entire meeting has access to the same verbal data. Managing miscommunication just got a little easier, now that you’ve all received the same playbook.

Auto Tag

Auto Tag is another new feature, built into our Auto Transcript service. It is designed to read the algorithms in your speech patterns and determine what is most important to each section of the discussion. It then applies a hashtag to the most relevant keywords, so that after the meeting, you can use that tag to find your way through the discussion: #efficient, or what?

Smart Search

Smart Search allows you to search your meeting archives. The feature displays meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more. It’s almost like an active index, or search bar, inside your notes. You won’t have to look hard to look smart.

Smart Summaries are all about getting the most from your meetings. We all have meetings, we all have busy lives - and we all need help sometimes.

FreeConference is the best platform to brings your team, data, and business together.

We even built you a toolbox.

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