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Medical Advice Through Video Calling

As the world of communication technology changes day-to-day, so does the world of medicine—with Internet video calling becoming increasingly popular, there are many opportunities for medical practitioners to offer advice and support through online communications. Be its distance, medical conditions (aging, short and long-term disabilities), doctors and other service providers may need to immediately contact., the Internet’s best free conference calling service, covers all of your video calling and meeting schedule needs. With no subscription, fees, or downloads, our easy-to-use, browser-based services help you stay in touch with anyone, anywhere.

Online conferences for medical professionals with video calling

Medical practitioners like LeTourneau Prosthetics are always looking to improve their craft—this is often done through collaboration and research with other health professionals. Through open collaboration, researchers and practitioners alike share ideas, solutions, and other valuable information, all contributing to a stronger practice and up-to-date knowledge.

With video calling and online conferences, it hardly even makes sense for professionals to travel long distances for meetings, especially if they are just to touch base.’s simple, user-friendly browser software allows multiple people to chime in via video calling, and it also has a great number of other useful features. Our screen sharing service allows all parties in a video conference to share their screens in real-time—this feature is perfect for presentations, spreadsheets, and graphs, as everyone in the call can see this information without any downloads or opening other applications.

Transcribing and recording calls can also be extremely useful for medical professionals collaborating on new ideas and solutions. At varying rates, can transcribe your calls so you can easily refer to them any time. This is also useful for people who may not be able to attend a web conference, so that they can stay informed and up-to-date about new projects, findings, and other information.

Patient support

Aside from collaborating with other health care providers and medical professionals, people in the medical field can use’s effortless video calling service to keep up-to-date with their patients’ progress. When patients are taking to another practice or cared for at home, practitioners and patients can save time and money on travel by using to stay in touch. Emotional and spiritual support is an important part of working as a medical practitioner—that is why it is important to stay in close contact as much as possible.

Video calling helps add nuance to online communications—where voice and text communications can feel cold and impersonal, being able to see the face of the person speaking with you makes it easier to have a more fulfilling discussion. It always feels more satisfying to see a smile than not!

Whether you are using it to improve your practice, collaborate with other professionals, or keep in touch with your patients, has got you covered. No downloads, no subscription, no hassle!

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