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Conference Like a Rock Star: 6 Easy Steps to Excellent Conference Calls

Conference Like a Rock Star: 6 Easy Steps to Excellent Conference Calls

Rock StarIt’s hard to make it past the coffeehouse and shopping mall circuit if you’re a musician that lacks connection to the audience. After all, it’s the listeners that make you famous, and they need to be entertained.

It’s the same with the conference call game: you can’t succeed without hard-work and talent. Ok.. not exactly, but If you want to facilitate a conference call that will inspire, get decisions made, and build team spirit, you’re in the right place. Here are the keys to start conference calling like a rock star.

1) Excellent Conference Calls Needs Preparation

Can you imagine taking time out of your busy day to show up to a conference call, only to find that no one’s there? Choosing the right participants and getting confirmation of their attendance is a good start to becoming a conferencing star. Luckily, it's easier than you think using’s easy scheduling.

TIP: Have a clear agenda. Post your "set-list" by emailing it the day before.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Frame your conference call from the view of the audience: what's in it for them?

2) Every Good Setup Needs Good Technology

Rock BandHave you tried the screen sharing and document sharing feature on It’s perfect for upping your conferencing game.

Use it to share the pictures, documents, and slides that will increase engagement with all members of the meeting. Keep critical information within everyone's view. Many concerts have more than a stack of speakers, they have video screens and a stage. Use screen sharing and document sharing as your stage!


3) Online Meetings and Live Shows Both Need a Planned Setlist

Leadership is key in a successful conference call. If you want to inspire attendees to reach their meeting goals you must have a clear and organized agenda. The agenda would share any new or relevant information, and then provide an open and clear format for discussion and decision making.

When your meeting is planned, your participants know exactly what to expect. Unexpected conference calls are like hearing The Beatles at a metal concert! And hey, you can still change it up a bit. Everyone loves an encore.

4) Delegate The Details to Your Bandmates

DrummerThere’s no such thing as a one-person show, in conference calling and in music. You don't see Beyoncé running over to the side to adjust the monitor or run the lights. If you want to facilitate a conference call smoothly, let your "stage crew" handle the desktop sharing, moderator controls, and notes.

Technology can help too, like call recording. You can set up call recording to document your call and you'll get an email within minutes with the recording. This recording will be available for download and telephone dial-in.

Just like the videos and concert films made by rock star bands, you can use your call recording to transform your meetings into a permanent resource.

5) Communication Is Key

Excellent conference calls are inherently more effective than emails because we get more out of human connection during real time communication. It is your job as the facilitator to check in with your group throughout the meeting to make sure everyone is following you and has a chance to speak up. Follow your agenda and restate each decision and make sure there is consensus and understanding before moving on to the next topic.

6) It's a wrap!

Rock band crowd

At the end of the meeting, restate all major action items and allow for final questions/comments. Like the encore of a concert, a short check-in on everyone is a great way to close the meeting.

Be sure to thank your callers for their time, especially your “features.” Let people know when they will receive their notes, recording and other meeting follow-up assets.

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