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How Nonprofits Can Save More Money Right Now

If you’re running a nonprofit business or organization that requires international conference calls, you know how fast expenses can add up. It’s important to be conscious of additional costs without sacrificing quality. Being mindful of how much you’re spending all around is imperative to making smart and economical choices for your organization in the long run.

That’s what’s great about being a nonprofit. Instead of focusing on generating revenue and profit, as suggested by the name, it’s all about the mission for a greater purpose. The whole point of a nonprofit company is to stray from a traditional business model and create a benchmark for success that applies to each individual nonprofit.

Saving MoneyTherefore, cutting costs to spend on things that really matter is imperative to making a nonprofit work, but where’s the first place to look? Start with finding an international conference call service that provides a wide selection of group calling features for FREE.

Whether you’ve got a charity, organization or nonprofit on your hands, you’re going to need to hold virtual meetings and international conference calls. Most likely, your team will be spread out, and the people who need to reach you will be from all over the world. Save yourself big bucks and a lot of hassle by getting set up with international conference calls for free.


Think of all the occasions you need to communicate with people. Between team pow-wows, board meetings, event planning, fundraising sessions, and donor solicitations, you will be spending a lot of face time with the people who are a part of your organization or who benefit from it. Unless it’s for a VIP or for an extenuating circumstance, meeting in person is costly and involves tickets and travel time, lunches and dinners, accommodations, etc.

nonprofitWith free conference calls, you can get right down to the important stuff. How?

Efficiency Is Key: Need to connect with colleagues overseas and deliver this quarter’s numbers to 300 employees? With free international calls, you can reduce travel time tremendously, or eliminate it altogether. You don’t have to look for parking, book a train, or commute to remote locations. Instead, all you have to do is spend a mere few minutes opening up an account to receive your dedicated dial-in number and then share it with team members who you wish to connect with. You can host a free conference call at any time; no fees, no surcharges, and no time limits. How does that sound for slashing costs and preventing headaches? And if you’re doing this in combination with using platforms like Virtuous, a nonprofit CRM, it will be even easier to streamline your operations while keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged.

Cut To The Chase: When you have an agenda and multiple callers all on the same international conference call, there’s little time for unnecessary information. Virtual meetings that have been set up in advance with multiple people tend to be shorter with fewer distractions and banter. They get to the important stuff quickly, and far more accurately. Whether it’s an audio or video call, this type of meeting doesn’t invite people to simply just “hang around.” Callers want to call in, discuss what needs to be discussed then leave and carry on with their day. That’s time and money back on your watch and in your pocket.

More Succinct: In a crunch and need to have an urgent sync? People tend to call in on time and as a result, expect to finish on time too. Expect everything you need to say and get across in an hour-long meeting to be whittled down to 30 minutes! A problem you have about a fundraising event can be solved in half the time when you’re able to get a few brains storming in one place!

Easy and Inexpensive Technology: If you’re running a fundraiser campaign, chances are, you have lots of volunteers helping you out. International conferences calls that implement easy-to-use technology broadens the horizon of who can be reached and where. That means you can connect to volunteers who you deem as a good fit rather than those who might just be convenient and close by.

TechnologyBy signing up your nonprofit with, you can save time and money with FREE international conference calls that come with a host of free features to move your organization forward, like Unlimited Conference Calls, 1000 Audio Participants (Need more? We’ve got you covered!), Free International Dial-Ins, Call Scheduling with Automated Invitations & Reminders, Instant conferencing (No scheduling required!), Moderator Controls, Call Summaries, Unlimited Online Meetings, Download Free Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing,
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