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How Doctors Support Patients with Free Web Calling

Within the appropriate and expected professional boundaries, doctors can be more than just caregivers—a good doctor must also offer a significant amount of emotional support to patients, especially those suffering from chronic illness or those in palliative care. Warmth, kindness, and patience are all desirable traits in the doctor-client rapport, alongside ethical practice and professionalism.

As the world changes and technology draws us closer together, there have never been more ways to keep in touch., the Internet’s best free conference call service, can help medical practitioners maintain a strong client rapport through free web calling, no matter the distance. Whether you are a patient or a practitioner, we’ve got you covered for all of your online communication needs.

User-friendly design, crystal clear calling

When time is of the essence—as it often is in the medical field—you simply don’t have time to waste on slow, clunky video calling services when the need arrives. With’s intuitive, browser-based software, there’s no need to worry about download times, updates, installations, or registration. Simply enter your email, create a password, and all of’s features are at your fingertips.

Our services can be used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. As long as you have a device and an Internet connection, easy and effective communication is just a click away. For doctors and other health care practitioners, free web calling can be an invaluable resource for checking up on patients, offering emotional and spiritual support, and even for reminding patients of medicine schedules and check-ups.

 Useful Features

In addition to its effortless, reliable calling services, also boasts a handful of useful productivity features. For example, our call recording feature can help health care providers keep track of their patient’s progress over the course of video calls, and screen sharing and text chat can help to share documents, resources, and other valuable material. Better yet? It’s all done through the same handy browser interface that you make your calls on.

Even more useful for medical purposes, has partnered with Focus Forward to offer a pay-per-use call transcription service. At varying rates for different services, we can transcribe the audio of your calls verbatim, allowing you to refer to everything discussed at any time. This is extremely useful for medical practitioners, especially, because one can follow a patient’s progress up to the moment, and keep accurate records of any changes in their condition.

When practitioners do not establish an open and transparent rapport with their clients, the care process may not go as smoothly as it could. People in recovery from an illness or injury require empathy, emotional care, and patience. It is always important for practitioners to know exactly when symptoms have receded or worsened, how a patient is doing emotionally, and how to proceed in the healing process. No matter how far doctors and patients are separated, can help narrow the gap with crystal clear free web calling from any device.

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