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Free Project Management Tools You Should Be Using

Free Project Management Tools

Scheduling a Conference CallOne of the most important aspects of working in a team-oriented environment is organization. What comes to mind, in particular, is of project management. It is important to be aware of people’s roles, their contributions, and task deadlines. Therefore, a high level of planning, communication, and execution of tasks will ensure both quality and efficiency of work.

In regards to communications, conventional conferencing could be quite tedious. In the Business SEO Services world, organizing conferences involves many people - and perhaps with various responsibilities and tasks - to be involved which may call for tight scheduling. Fortunately, FreeConference and MeetingMogul both have a plethora of tools to ensure that conferences are scheduled easily and effectively.


Whether it is by phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, customers can schedule conferences to tailor to specific participants if need be. Say one of your co-workers is on a different continent, you can tailor to their needs by accounting for the difference in time zones by using the time zone tool during scheduling. This way, you can make sure that everyone can join in for the conferencing fun!

After scheduling a conference, every participant is emailed with a detailed summary of the conference including the time zone it takes place in, the duration, dial-in number, and participant access code. Also, you’d be glad to know that the conference is automatically added to your Outlook or Google calendar.


Depending on how heavily you use calendars on your phone, it may be an arduous process to single out your scheduled conference calls. Luckily, this is when MeetingMogul makes your life easier. With a simple setup process, MeetingMogul reads a synced calendar on your phone and organizes upcoming conference calls into an agenda. MeetingMogul cleverly recognizes dial-in numbers and access codes to allow single touch conference calls. Say goodbye to entering long dial-in numbers and passcodes!

As conventional conferencing can be a tedious ordeal, why not simplify your experience and make conferencing fun? Try and MeetingMogul today!


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