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Want To Take Your Coaching Business Online? Here’s How One Solopreneur Is Doing It

How many times have you been at your desk; longingly looking out the window, imagining swaying palm trees against blue skies as the backdrop to your everyday instead of four white walls? What if you could carry your office with you, and set up shop wherever your heart desires that day running your tasks, creating content and managing clients? Now more than ever, it’s possible. Audio and video calls via conferencing technology gives you the power to run your online business seamlessly, allowing anyone to live that work/life integration lifestyle. Are you looking for some inspiration to take the next step towards your dreams?

lady with hatKiki Ura is a Toronto-based spiritual business coach who helps entrepreneurial women scale their business and manifest unlimited freedom, money and success. She’s the founder of Namaslay Babe and started her business from the ground up. As she grows her network from her laptop, she’s been able to embark on her very own digital nomad journey.

What’s a day in the life of Kiki like?

“My days are unpredictable, very flexible and versatile. I’m my own boss so I get to choose my hours and run my own thing. I create my days based on how I envision them and what I plan on accomplishing that week.

Every morning is for me. It’s my time to connect with my goals, both personal and professional, which has transformed me into a morning person. I wake up at 5:30, and I usually don’t take my first call until noon. It’s early, but this way, I’ve found more hours in the day and I’m convinced being a morning person is conducive to my success. I hit a yoga class at the crack of dawn, come home, journal, read, and set my mind up for the day, like checking in on my mental bandwidth so I can show up as my best self for my clients.”

How do you run a successful business on-the-go?

“Because of the nature of my business, I really rely on technology. Without audio visual software, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, especially considering how my clients are located around the world including Canada, the UK, USA, and as far reaching as South Korea!”

How do you generate leads?

“A lot of my business comes through social media and word of mouth.”

lady mobileWhat do you contribute to the success of running your business online?

“Video conferencing, without a doubt. Running my business couldn’t survive without it. Conference calls, video conferencing – it’s the backbone of how I communicate and reach out to my clients.

My business is very forward facing and they need to be able to see me. I reach my clients on a very personal, soulful level and without that visual component, how else can I forge a bond or strengthen the degree of trust? I depend on reliable software to be able to literally and figuratively connect with clients and have a successful business. Not being able to be reached on the other end of 2-way communication looks unprofessional and inexperienced, and is totally preventable with software that allows me to collaborate and communicate clearly and effectively.”

How else has video conferencing positively affected your life?

Costs are a huge factor. Using video conferencing and conference calling software has been able to cut down my costs tremendously in terms of transportation, utilities, and office space, which has, in turn, afforded me more time. I’ve been able to broaden my horizons in terms of travel, elevate my personal growth through classes and courses, and take up hobbies in my free time, while touching the lives of many (actually, so many more lives) meeting people I would have never met otherwise. Cultural immersion is huge for me, and adds dimension into how I communicate and understand people.

On a day-to-day level, I’ve been able to set up my own schedule. My clients are usually back-to-back over the course of one or two days which leaves the rest of my week open to work on whatever else needs to gets done. Recently, I’ve started implementing CEO days where I don’t take client calls on Monday. Instead, I focus all my efforts into doing back end stuff like invoicing, banking, content creation, and work on any upcoming programs. After all, energy flows where attention goes!”

What are your favourite features?

freelancerThe ability to record is key. It gives my clients the luxury of being able to go back and look at what we talked about and review anything they missed while taking notes. I even learn from watching myself! It helps me improve my delivery, tone of voice and makes be a better, more in tune and aware coach.


When facilitating group coaching calls, moderator controls are necessary. I can block out clients’ background noise (like when a kid runs in or when the cafe they’re set up at suddenly gets a lunch rush) for less distraction and on point delivery.”

What do you love about your work?

“I love getting off a conference call after having massive breakthrough with a client. Being able to support them on their journey or nurture their vision to complete their life goals is ultimately fulfilling. It reminds me why I love doing what I do and how I couldn’t do it without technology.”

What’s next for you?

“I am always working on my own personal growth so I can be the best and offer the best for my clients. I take a lot of online courses and will be taking a neurolinguistics programming course next month.”

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Kiki Ura is the founder of the NamaSlay Babe brand, NamaSlay Babes Facebook community and Transcend: an Elite 1:1 Coaching Experience. It is her mission and soul’s purpose to empower women to live their most intentional life by tapping into the unlimited power that lies within. Check out Kiki’s Instagram: @namaslaybabe,
Facebook: and a podcast interview here.

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