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Board Meeting Promises to Make and Keep in 2018

Run Shorter, More Effective Board Meetings in 2018 with FreeConference.

The new year is a time when we set goals for ourselves to help us look better, feel better, and be more successful. If you are involved with a business or nonprofit, the start of 2018 is the perfect time to rethink the way your organization conducts meetings. In today’s new year blog post, we’d like to share with you some ideas that can make your group or company meetings better and more productive in 2018.

Here are our 4 top conference meeting tips:

1. Send Out a Written Agenda Beforehand

If you don’t do so already, distributing an agenda before your meeting will help to make the best use of everyone’s time and ensure that meetings don’t veer off topic. When sending out email or calendar invitations to your meeting invitees, include an agenda of 5-10 talking points. This will allow everyone involved to plan ahead and prepare any pertinent notes, work, or thoughts they may have on the topics.


2. Take a Stand for Efficiency

While board meetings are traditionally held seated around a conference table, stand-up meetings between board members and staff have become more prevalent in recent years—and for good reason. According to the findings of this 1999 study by Allen Bluedorn and his colleagues, sit-down meetings not only take up to 34% longer than those where participants are standing up, their outcomes are not shown to be any more productive.


3. Hold Monthly 10-Minute Updates via Video

Video conferencing is a convenient way for people anywhere in the world to connect. Once a month, rather than drag staff away from their work stations to physically convene, set up an quick video conference with your team to catch everyone upon new, relevant developments. This is a great opportunity for everyone to check-in, share what they're working on, and express any ideas, concerns, or questions they may have with the group.

Easily set up video conference calls


4. Use Online Conferencing to Make Meetings More Accessible

Holding in-person meetings on a regular basis can help increase communication, collaboration, and productivity within your organization— however, you can't always have everyone present for each meeting. In these cases, video conferencing enables participants who are not able to physically attend a meeting to join remotely over the internet to take part in discussions. This way, you don’t have to cancel or postpone a meeting just because one of the invitees is out of the office!


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