web conferencing and tools for eductation

Technology that Enhances the Classroom Experience for Students and Teachers

From GPS maps to mobile apps, we’ve come to rely on digital technology for many aspects of our daily lives like navigation, banking, shopping, entertainment and…yes, education. In today’s blog, we’ll exploring how web conferencing , screen sharing, and online apps are transforming the way students and teachers interact.

1. Web Conferencing

Web conferencing has many practical applications both inside and outside the classroom. With features such as audio and video conferencing capabilities and call recording, web conferencing allows students and teachers the option to connect online if convening in an actual classroom is not feasible. Additionally, many web conferencing platforms offer tools that allow the sharing of screens, documents, and presentations between online participants.

Online Video Conferencing

2. Socrative

Socrative by MasteryConnect is a classroom app that allows teachers to engage students and assess student learning in real time with quizzes, prepared activities, games, and reports.

3. Peergrade

Peergrade offers a free online platform that facilitates peer-to-peer feedback on assignments and makes it easy for teachers to assess how their students are learning. The platform provides teachers with data-driven insights into how students are performing at a class and individual level.

Online Meeting

4. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a favorite tool among educators as it allows students to follow along in real time from their own device as the presenter shares their screen, document, or slide show. Screen sharing is a feature that comes standard on many free web conferencing services like FreeConference.com and can be accessed from a downloadable app or by copy-and-pasting a link into your web browser.

5. Animoto

Animoto is a service that allows users to easily create videos for business, marketing, and education. Videos are a great way to engage students—especially those that are visual learners—and make classroom lessons more fun. Animoto offers several video styles and soundtrack choices to choose from that teachers can customize by adding their own images, video clips, and text.

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