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5 Personality Types That Come Out During Business Meetings

Business meetings can reveal a lot about a person’s character. Which of these personality types best describes you?

silhouettes of people in business suits about to hold a meeting or conference.


1. The Know It All

meeting minutes note taker women in conference callThis personality type never passes up an opportunity to show off their superior understanding of the topic at hand. The Know It All’s tendency to monopolize the conversation— sometimes to the point of irritating their colleagues—can be best kept in check by structuring meetings so that each person or party is only to talk in turn.

2. The Boss’s Pet

The teacher’s pet you remember from your days in grade school is all grown up now and has a job. Meet The Boss’s Pet. Always looking to one-up his or her colleagues in front of the boss, this individual likes to use business meetings as an opportunity to score brownie points with the higher-ups. There is usually at least one of these personality types in every meeting.

3. The Slacker

Despite habitually being underprepared for meetings, The Slacker is adept at bluffing their way through meetings without getting called out. In all likelihood, this person has done the bare minimum to get by in life but is smart enough to still do reasonably well at whatever it is that they do.

4. The Quiet One

Not fond of the spotlight, The Quiet One personality type prefers to be a fly on the wall during meetings. Despite their reluctance to speak, these types tend to be very insightful and have a lot to contribute to a discussion when prompted. When they speak, it’s worth listening. This is one of the more common personality types.

5. The Eye-Roller

eyeroller personality type - boy crossing his eyes

The Eye-Roller personality type makes little effort to disguise the fact that they find these meetings to be a complete and utter waste of their precious time. As far as they’re concerned, everyone would be better off left alone to do their jobs or take off work an hour early rather than sit and listen to each other say words.

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