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4 Tips to Rock Your Conference Call Interview

As the world of communications constantly changes, more and more companies are making the shift to online interviews instead of in-person interviews. Commuting and moving for work is becoming more commonplace, especially for millennials, who are constantly thirsty for new work out of university and college.

Doing interviews via conference call allows for less travel costs and time, and accomplishes more or less the same task as an in-person interview—this is appealing to both companies and individuals looking to hire or be hired.

Do you have a conference call interview coming up? Below are some tips to really rock your interview and stand out amongst the crowd!

conference calling1. Dress for success

Even if you’re in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom, don’t forget that the way you present yourself will make all the difference in your online interview. So, make sure your hair looks good, you’re wearing a professional-looking outfit, and that whatever room you are in looks neat and organized.

Think of it as any other interview; would you hire someone who looked like they just rolled out of bed, looking completely indifferent about the position? Probably not, right? So, dress your best—first impressions are important for video calling, too!

2. Eliminate distractions

Being in your home can be distracting—you might have your TV on all the time, a pet living with you, or many other things that may detract you from the topic at hand. Keep these things in mind when doing your conference call interview. Have Netflix playing? Turn it off. Social media open? Log out. Consider moving your pet(s) to a different spot in your house until the interview is over. Keep your attention focused entirely on the interviewer so that you appear attentive and eager for the position.

coaching-video-call3. Speak clearly and enunciate

People can sometimes be difficult to understand over online communications, so it is always important to enunciate your words and speak clearly. Not only does this make you easier to understand, but it also demonstrates the confidence you need to really shine in your conference call interview.

Though offers the most easy-to-use, crystal-clear video calling experience on the internet, it always helps to speak confidently and clearly. Speak up, speak well, and show that you’re the one they’ll want for the position!

4. Use the appropriate body language

It’s not enough to speak like you know your stuff—you need to look the part, too! Along with dressing professionally and appropriately, you must use body language to your advantage when doing an online interview. Keep your back straight and poised, listen with intent, smile when necessary, and try and look as comfortable as possible during the interview. Again, video calling is not all that different from an in-person interview, especially when making first impressions.

Want some bonus points for your interview? Recommend that the call be done through—your potential employer won’t be able to help but be impressed by its clarity and ease of use. Without the hassle of downloads, updates, and registrations, is ideal for conference call interviews.

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