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How To Nail An Interview with Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Both employers and potential employees stand to gain from the use of virtual conference systems. See why below.

Employee: Get the Whole Audience Involved with Screen Sharing

After the standard processing of resumes and phone calls, selected persons advanced to second-tier interviews. In these interviews, it is beneficial to set yourself apart from your competition. Using free screen sharing and/or document sharing, you can walk your potential employer through a presentation to maximize your reach and influence.

Employer: Skillset Obstacle Courses

When you draft someone in sports, the more tape you view, the more precise a hold you have on their competency. You should add screen sharing to your interview process for this reason. Prospective employers want to see how their prospective employees manage to troubleshoot on the fly. Free screen sharing can be used to see the capabilities of each prospect, and how fast they can learn on the job, using hypothetical scenarios in real-time.

Employee: Demonstrate your Process

To offer a deeper look into your qualifications and character, you can implement screen sharing. Taking a potential employer through your portfolio, you can use screen sharing to allow them insider access to the process behind the final product. Whether you work in marketing or design, your process is important, and can often be a key component in getting hired. Preparing a presentation that addresses your work ethic and the process will help you stand apart from your fellow interviewees.

Employers: Retain Your Core Employees

Once you’ve hired some great staff, you have to keep them happy. Some business experiences issues in effective communication between departments. This can cause friction among other departments, as they have to remain professional during times of discontent, miscommunication, and upheaval.

Investing in Screen Sharing Tools can keep your company’s individuals content, as it keeps everyone on the same page, in a respectful, neutral, reliable setting. This is essential to a rewarding work experience.

Overall, screen sharing is a tool designed to make businesses run efficiently and effectively. The way you use this tool is how potential employers and employees determine the efficacity of your work.

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