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3 Cool Features That We Know You'll Love!

Some of the most rewarding parts of using technology are all of the useful features waiting to be discovered. Well-designed features can change the way people go about their days, and save users hours of frustration and unnecessary hassle.We’ve been hard at work at FreeConference implementing and improving some new and existing features to save our users’ time and money, and make our service as simple and user-friendly as possible. Here are three features we believe do just that!

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is an extremely versatile feature. Customers utilize it in all different manners, whether it’s to share an important presentation, or to have some fun creating an infinite video loop!  Screen Sharing can be used alongside an Online Meeting Room to even share presentations or information while simultaneously dialing in by phone!  By taking advantage of screen sharing during their web conferences, callers can stay on the same page, and discuss important online issues. This can include simple issues such as sharing a presentation or navigating a webpage, or more-involved tasks.

Video Conferencingg-productbtc_300x600

Now, Screen Sharing wouldn’t be too useful without being able to hold a Video Conference. It’s a good thing we’ve made web conferencing simple and easy to use, then! Customers can use video calling in tandem with conferencing by phone, with up to 3 active video feeds by default. If a caller is unable to connect by phone, they also now have the option to connect by web, and take advantage of our video conferencing features!

Document Sharing

Another advantage of accessing conferences by web is being able to make the most of our new document sharing feature. Callers can upload local files from their computer for other callers to access and download. Some files, such as PDFs, can even be presented in-call! After uploading the file, there is an option to view the file in-browser without any downloads.

And these are just 3 features that make people’s conferencing lives easier! There is so much more that customers can regularly take advantage of; you can find a full list here.

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