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3 Conference Call Horror Stories

We’ve all been there: important conference calls where absolutely everything goes hilariously wrong. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and some things even seem to defy common sense in order to fail spectacularly! These calls can seem horrifying in the moment, but hopefully they can be looked back upon with a smile. No matter how badly your conference calls go, they probably aren’t as bad as a few of these.

The Client's Surprise

People often find themselves stressing over video calls with customers. They worry and worry until the call finally starts. Everything seems to be fine; reminders have been sent out, video calling has been tested to allow the client to meet in the comfort of their own home, even the screen sharing is flawless! It’s a dream come true! The conference begins without a hitch, until the client steps away from their computer. Then, to their utter dismay, the host finds that their client isn’t wearing pants. They must be so comfortable that their judgment had lapsed, and they tragically forgot to disconnect their video feed. Awkward!

Keeping Things in the Family

Parents long for the day that their children are old enough to move out; the day they have their long-awaited peace and quiet. While their children work and travel abroad, parents enjoy using free international calling to keep in touch. One such parent uses screen sharing to meet with her son once every month while he is away for college. One on occasion, the son forgot to close some of his browser windows before starting the screen share, which resulted in a very awkward and embarrassing moment for both parent and child. Needless to say, that story was retold at every family gathering for years to come. The moral of the story: always be sure what is on your screen before you share it 🙂

The Sound of the Ocean


Screaming is only allowed if your microphone is muted!

After you are a few minutes into your conference call, it is usually safe to assume that nothing will go wrong. This story isn’t about things going wrong as much as it is about an experience that is simply... abnormal. Picture in your mind’s eye a conference calling scenario that you are familiar with: familiar faces in a familiar setting, all taking turns talking about familiar things. Jon from the corporate office has just finished talking about a report that he has been working on for the last month. It is an important project, and you are secretly glad that it is finally finished, just so that people will stop talking about it. Jon closes with “Thanks for your time, everyone,” and that’s when you hear it: *FLUSH*. Everyone in the conference room exchanges glances. They all heard it too. The conference call ends, and you don’t know whether to feel disgusted or amazed. Good thing it wasn’t a video call

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