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2 Simple but POWERFUL ways to take back your time with Video Conferencing

Take Your Business Back Into Your Hands with Video Conferencing

Businesses are hectic. Business owners have to split their time working with different departments, delegating and assigning projects, and even planning for the future. There is so much to handle that business owners often feel overwhelmed, and that their business is going out of control.

That’s where FreeConference comes in! Granted, we can’t run your business for you (yet), but we provide services to make life easier for businesses and their owners.

Quick Weekly Meetings

One sign of a successful company is strong internal communication. Departments sometimes become so self-involved in their tasks that they lose sight of the bigger picture, and fail to plan for the future. That’s why business use video conferencing for recurring scheduled meetings. Employees never have enough time, so keeping these meetings short and to-the-point is essential. FreeConference offers features including moderator controls and document sharing to keep your meetings hassle-free! We know that there just isn’t enough time to deal with technical difficulties, so we’ve made your meetings as simple and convenient as possible. This saved time can instead be used for discussions on plans for moving forward, or voicing any concerns or requests. By keeping your methods of communication as user-friendly as possible, FreeConference gives you more time to focus on what’s really important.

Project Briefings

clock representing time saved by using conference callEmployees often get extremely passionate about what they’re working on, be it a relatively small task or large group project. But sometimes communicating their excitement or sharing their ideas can be difficult through normal means, thus necessitating a video conference. Face-to-face communication is becoming rarer and rarer with ever-advancing technology, but that also means that people are finding it more difficult to communicate. Video calling creates a more natural discussion, and allows peers to share their sentiments or ideas more fluidly. These briefings allow for individuals, departments, or even whole businesses to get onto the same page, and create a sense of direction for the future.

No matter how it’s used, FreeConference provides a variety of solutions for almost every business, and allows them to better manage their time, and improve company-wide communication. Click here for a full list of features, or sign up for a free account today!


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