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5 Ways Hosting a Web Meeting is Better than Joining One

Having a free web meeting tool at your fingertips 24/7 makes it easy and convenient to host virtual conferences any time of day, anywhere in the world! web meeting with two conference call participants

1) You Can Set the Rules!

Of course, the #1 reason to host your own meeting is that you get to meet on your own terms. Creating an account with a free conferencing service gives you the ability to host web meetings when you want and with who you want. Services like also offer account holders a variety of conference settings to change according to their meeting preferences.

2) You Can Be the Conference Call Moderator conference call online meeting room moderator controlsIn addition to the ability to invite people to your own virtual conference, you gain access to moderator controls through your free online meeting room dashboard when hosting a meeting.

If you prefer to call in by phone, you can also control your conference call using the touch-tone keypad after you’ve entered in your moderator PIN. As the moderator of your conference, you can record conferences, share your screen online, mute callers, or even remove unwanted callers from your conference entirely— all with the push (or click) of a button!

3) You Can Invite People to Your Scheduled Web Meeting

Web meeting tools and conferencing services allow hosts to send automated email (or calendar) invitations to participants when they schedule meetings through their account. This function makes it easy to set up meetings and distribute the necessary information to your invited guests all in one motion!

4) You Can Record Conference Calls

Another nice perk of hosting your own conference calls or web meetings is the ability to record audio.With, unlimited audio conference call recording is available with a subscription to any of our paid plans which start at just $9.99 a month. In addition to having a verbatim record of your past conferences, call recordings make it easy for those who were unable to attend your past meeting to be brought up to speed.


5) You Can Host Web Meetings and Conference Calls 100% Free!

Take 10 seconds to sign up for an account on and start hosting conference your own web meetings today! With a free account, you gain access to all of the features and tools available to such as video conferencing, international conference calling, online screen sharing, and moderator controls to use anytime you want!. Signup is 100% free and only requires a name, a valid email address, and a password. Meeting Checklist Banner

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