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5 Benefits To Taking Your Coaching Business Online

For any coaching business, your success is built on a one-on-one connection. This is why free online calling technology that includes video calls has been instrumental in the way in which coaches are able to conduct their services. Second to being in person, anyone from anywhere can have a face-to-face interaction with real-time conferencing, giving coaches the tools they need to be able to connect with their clients virtually.

CoachingIn person, coaching gives you a sense of what your clients are saying even if they’re not really saying it. Nonverbal communication is critical in a coaching session and reveals a deeper understanding for a coach to gain insight – but since it’s not always possible to set up an in-person meeting, group communications technology offers an exceptional second option. Here’s how going virtual is a win-win situation for you and your clients.


Free online calling means you are no longer confined to the limited working hours of a work week. You choose how to spend your time. Meeting software creates a work schedule that starts when you want to open your laptop and ends when you want to close it.

Conversely, for your clients, offering more options to be available gives them the benefit of flexibility. If they have a tight week, the opportunity to have a meeting on their lunch break makes doing business with you more appealing – something that wouldn’t be able to happen without virtual meetings. Fitting in a session during off hours, and around other engagements like school, traveling and family commitments makes coaches more desirable to hire.


online callingAs mentioned before, conference calls and online meetings with easy-to-use video and features like video conferencing and video recording to empower coaching sessions, add a strong visual component. You are able to see your client and get a sense of what they’re saying beyond how they’re saying it. Body language and tone gives you additional (and valuable!) information that can help you conduct a more engaging and powerful breakthrough session.

Furthermore, with additional features like screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard, your sessions become more compelling. Rather than just a conference call, implementing these tools creates visual appeal to paint a broader picture.


Free online calling eliminates commuting, reduces your carbon footprint, and cuts down on transportation costs saving you time, effort, energy and mental bandwidth. This offers your clients more availability and allows you to be at the top of your game – less stress, more time saved, customized work environment and an open schedule.


Virtual coaching means geographic independence. You can be anywhere and so can your clients. Free online calling offers you an instant connection and the ability to broaden your business to include all sorts of clients from all over the globe. This opens up the floodgate for you to work with the people you want to, instead of the people that are only available because of proximity.

For clients, this means they can choose the coach they want based on talent, recommendation, and experience, not the time zone. A coach that provides free online calls and other virtual options is preferable for clients who would otherwise be unable to access the services you provide.

Learning SessionsInclusivity

The opportunity for collaboration becomes exponentially bigger – and more exciting with free online calling and video conferencing! You can pick and choose diverse groups that are unique and offer more value. These interesting group dynamics help your business flourish and give you a chance to learn and grow as a coach, positioning you as well-rounded and more inclusive.

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