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Set a Professional Video Conferencing Background in 3 Steps

Are you a 21st-century professional? Then high quality video conferencing software is the technology of choice for a job interview, an online presentation, a virtual meeting, and more. There are many steps that go into preparing for a successful video calling appearance. One that often goes overlooked is the video conference background.

It’s important to choose your clothes, prepare your material and test your conferencing equipment before an online meeting. So is creating a clean, and crisp backdrop as you will meet face to face with someone on the other end. It is a critical aspect of – sometimes quite literally – presenting yourself in the best light when you join a video!

Here are some of FreeConference’s top tips for creating a polished conference backdrop for a video meeting:

sample video conferencing background for video conference calls

Choose Your Setting Wisely

It’s easy to take part in a video conference with the mobile app from your mobile device. Just remember that your surroundings serve as a reflection of who you are. For this reason, start off by choosing a clean backdrop in a quiet setting where you won’t be disturbed.

If you’re at home, make sure any personal items in view are arranged neatly (i.e. make your bed if it’s in view). Make necessary arrangements ahead of time to prevent young children and pets from making a surprise appearance mid-conference.

Backdrops that reflect a professional or academic image (i.e. bookshelves, office backdrops, etc.) are always a smart choice.

Get Your Lighting Right

Try not to underestimate proper lighting when preparing to present yourself for a video conference. Video conference background lighting should be ambient and accentuate your best features. If done incorrectly, it can easily have you looking like a creature of the shadows or an orb from outer space.

Preview your own video feed prior to your conference call to make sure that you and your surroundings are adequately illuminated. A video recording rehearsal is a great idea to test lighting contrast. This way, you’re able to catch where the light needs to be adjusted. Casting too intense a glow or too dark a shadow isn’t conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.

Once you know which directions you can get the best light from, you’ll be able to replicate your lighting set-up for next time. You can be confident in how you present yourself with minimal preparation time and maximum effect!

Manage Distances

Before your video conference, check that there is enough space between your webcam, your face, and whatever is behind you. Set up in front of your webcam with your face, neck, and upper torso in view. Leave at least an arm’s length worth of room between you and any walls or large objects in the background.

A good rule of thumb? Sit two feet away from your webcam and and have at least 2-3 times that much room behind you. You can turn any location into a mini conference room!

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