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Host a virtual town hall video conference. It is easy, effective and inexpensive.

Free Conference’s virtual town hall software makes engaging safe and simple. We’re happy to create a customized plan to fit your needs.
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Engage with voters, on any topic, from anywhere with virtual town hall platform.

Being able to connect with citizens can be easy, accessible and contact free with town hall video conferencing and conference call technology. Our virtual town hall software can connect you with vast numbers of voters while offering features like automatic recording, caller display and screen sharing. While at the same time providing conference security features designed to ensure that your messaging is clear and uninterrupted.

Connect with everyone, using the technology they already have.

There is no download required, your participants do not need to have an account, or even a computer. Your participants can join your virtual town hall meeting in whatever way they want. Our virtual town hall platform will automatically connect the people who want to call in using your dedicated toll-free phone line, your unique conference URL, or our secure app. There is no need for anyone to miss out on your important message, from seniors with land-lines to more tech-savvy voters, everyone can connect in the way that is most comfortable to them.
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Two-way communication, made simple and easy.

Modern voters want to be engaged. They want to be heard and know that you are listening. Give them that opportunity in your virtual town hall. Our virtual town hall meeting software offers numerous ways for your attendees to connect with your platform. Participants can “raise their hand” to ask a question or give a comment. The “text chat” allows numerous people to voice their concerns at once. Your moderator also has the power to quickly and easily mute and unmute the voices that you feel need to be heard by the group.

Security is essential. You control every aspect of the event.

In order to ensure that you are heard and that your message gets across, your appointed moderators are given unique controls over the event. You can select multiple moderators to wield security features like of our virtual town hall platform meeting lock, caller blocking and muting / unmuting participants as needed. As with everything we do, your privacy and security are paramount to us. It is a focus of our company to ensure your conferences and personal data are kept secure throughout every step, from account creation, to payment details and of course during and after conference calls.
screenshots of Moderator control features: pin speaker, mute or unmute all and presentation mode under setting panel
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Share more than a speech. Help your supporters become engaged in your cause.

Harnessing our virtual town hall meeting platform allows you to do so much more than talk. The screen sharing option offers a chance to further engage voters by showing off your recent successes, displaying new initiatives and sharing up-to-date stats. Utilizing the “text chat” function means you can direct participants to your fundraising site, to sign up as volunteers or join a petition. With the option of hundreds of video connections, you can bring in guest speakers offering testimonials or expert opinions.

A virtual town hall software is the best way to engage. Getting your message out, and keeping everyone safe.

Now more than ever, your message needs to be heard. A virtual town hall meeting software will allow you to see and be heard, while ensuring that your voters know you have their safety in mind. Our video conferencing and conference call technology makes sure that you have everything for a successful event. Features like screen sharing, “text chat” and multiple video links will make for a more engaging conference. While meeting lock, caller blocking and various moderator controls will allow for a secure and hassle-free event.
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Features That Empower Your Town hall

Use these features of our virtual town hall platform to create a seamless transition from offline to digital.

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