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Travel Through Any Space And Time With Virtual Field Trips

Without ever leaving the classroom or desk, educators can use video conferencing software to take learners anywhere on a virtual field trip curated by experts and led in real-time through actual far-off destinations.
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virtual trip with a beautiful mountain view on an iPad screen
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See It To Believe It

Video conferencing opens your eyes and puts you at the heart of the excursion. Get face-to-face with the tombs in Ancient Egypt or learn about the Fur Trade in 18th century Canada with our virtual field trip video call software.

The More The Merrier

Unlike traditional field trips, everyone can show up and follow the guide or go at their own leisure. Group Call Invites makes group calling (and “traveling!”) less tedious and more inclusive.
screenshots of adding group step 1 and step two

Go Together Or Alone

Depending on the class and size, learners can convene in the Online Meeting Room before sectioning off and going through the trip at their own speed.

See Something, Say Something

Notice something you’d like to comment on? Want to ask a question? Simple type out what you have to say in Text Chat of virtual field trip video conferencing software to the group or individually.
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connection test screen

Ready To Go?

Before you embark on your journey, conduct a quick and easy Free Connection Test to make sure your microphone, audio playback, audio input, connection speed and video are running top notch!

You’re Covered

Never veer off track too long with virtual field trip video call solution Live Support that’s just an email or phone call away.
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Features That Get You There

Every journey starts with a step. Stay on your path and enjoy every moment spent learning, and seeing facets of the world with technology that opens your eyes.

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