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Offer A Safe Space For Support Groups To Connect

Facing a debilitating illness or unforeseen and sudden life change doesn’t have to be done alone. An online space via video conferencing technology provides anyone looking to engage with other people going through the same rough patch an outlet to be connected safely, privately, and effectively.
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Face The Challenge As A United Front

Video conferencing is the visual and audio solution that opens up the conversation amongst people experiencing the same life struggles.

Supported From Anywhere

Support group members can collaborate remotely in one place anytime with the Online Meeting Room. Plus, all you need is an open browser window which means zero downloads required!
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Grow The Group Together

Keep track of new and existing group members by setting up Group Call Invites with everyone’s info easily accessible. Scheduling calls is easy when one group can be selected instead of each participant individually.

Prompt More Sharing

Encourage participants to open up and get talking with Recurring Calls. One meeting can be created and “set to repeat” for as many meetups. Participants will automatically be invited to sessions with reminders sent 15 minutes before the start of the session.
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Instant Access To Emotional Support

Dial-in numbers provide direct access between participants looking for immediate support. Joining meetings is fast and convenient because there’s no need to reserve conference lines.

Make Use Of Features That Open The Conversation

It’s hard sharing personal details of trauma, loss or any tumultuous life transition. With easy-to-use technology and features designed for better communication, any difficult discussion can be made a little smoother.

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