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Your Future Looks Brighter With More Effective Study Sessions

Level up your time spent studying with technology that enhances learning and gives everyone the chance to shine.
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Conveniently Compare Notes

Never miss a detail when group members can upload and share their notes via File Sharing for a broader, more detailed session.

Set An Agenda

Regardless of participant location, everyone can convene in the Online Meeting Room and start the session together by establishing the list of action items for the day.
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Contribute To The Discussion

Text Chat allows each participant to be able to speak up and communicate their insights with the group or in private.

Collaborate In Real-Time

Watch how the whole session unfolds from the in-call dashboard in the online meeting room that visually displays use the Online Whiteboard for a more interactive approach to studying. Draw up complex ideas or create mind maps to organize information and statistics.
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Transcription page on iMac with video recording

Get A Full Overview

Take the extra step and have everything summarized with Smart Meeting Summaries that lets you know what was most talked about, who spoke the most, who attended, when they joined and when they left the study session.

Features That Make The Grade

Broaden your learning and feel more confident you’ll ace any exam with group communications software that prepares you for what’s ahead.

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Create your account and get access to everything you need for your business or organization to hit the ground running, like video and screen sharing, call scheduling, automated email invitations, reminders, and more.