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Get All Your Ducks In A Row With Project Management That’s On Point

Overseas? Across town? Different floor of the building? Doesn’t matter where you are when you can touch base with everyone, and see what they’re doing and where they’re at with audio and video calls. Keeping tabs can, in fact, be painless!
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Screen share on Macbook and surrounded by two participants headshots and a mobile wth in call page beside
Schedule screen overlapped by adding participants screen which the group participants been magnified

Send Out The Invites

Ensure team members are in-the-know with Invitations and Reminders that are automated for your convenience and keep you on your planned schedule. SMS Notifications included.

Get On The Same Page

Literally, everyone can be on the same page with Screen Sharing, so you can show exactly what you mean and present what you’re doing instead of only saying it.
barchart with red marks on a macbook screen
four people connected on the earth

Manage Near Or Far

Stay on track with callers from around the world with Free International Conference Calling in 15 different countries. Only requirements? A laptop or cellphone, a dial-in number and access code.

Make It A Group Date

Same time? Same people? Same channel? Make the scheduling process more convenient by setting up participant groups in advance with Group Call Invites.
screenshots of adding group step 1 and step two

Features That Keep You Organized

Balancing multiple projects on-the-go requires staying on top of time and resources – without being overbearing. Use these features to better streamline workflow and get things done on time, and stress-free.

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