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Video Conference Technology for Nursing Homes

Maintain social activities and continuity of care by relying on nursing home video conferencing that enriches communication in assisted living facilities.
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A video call with a female black doctor

Improve Residents’ Quality Of Life

Get residents to stay in contact with family and friends using nursing home video call, Screen Sharing to watch movies together and share photos, memes and more.

Visit Doctors Virtually

Use Nursing Home Video Conferencing for appointments. Residents never have to step foot out of their home which lessens the chance of sickness coming into their home.
An indian doctor on a virtual call
online connect with nurse

Provide Emotional Support

Keep residents in touch with loved ones or within a group using nursing home video conferencing Group Call Invites for support, therapy, socialization and more via video.

Schedule Events And Happenings

Residents are in-the-know about home social activities and can easily book virtual coffee dates, birthdays, and family reunions with Invitations and Reminders.
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Secure Online Environment

Send across residents’ important files, prescriptions, payments and other admin duties using upgraded security features like Meeting Lock, and One-Time Access Code of a nursing home video call platform.

Features That Facilitate Comfort And Care

Use these features of nursing home video conferencing software and more to create a nurturing home environment for seniors.

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