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How Screensharing Can Make Group Study Sessions Even Better

How to use screen sharing and chat to hold group study sessions with online meeting room during group study sessions

In many cases, the transfer of knowledge requires a personal touch, but sometimes study-mates could be in remote locations. This is often the case for university and religious study groups, while online/distance education is an industry testament to the success of online group studies that took this concept to a whole new level.

While having remote study sessions can be handy, the platform you use it on is important, the service could make or break the study group, ok maybe not that exaggerated but you would waste time trying to find another online calling provider, and FreeConference provides a solution for everything you need to hold group study sessions.

Need to use screen sharing to show your notes or documents to the rest of the group? No problem.

Simply use the “share” button on top of the screen. There are 2 options that you can choose from based on your needs, either free screen sharing, so you can control more aspects of the presentation, or free document sharing to simplify the visuals. conference controls for online meeting room

Need to have a casual conversation or debate? We got that too.

There is both audio and video calling on the online meeting rooms. Users can turn their webcams on or off depending on their needs, and mute their audio lines if they find themselves disrupting the speaker. The moderator of the call can also mute everyone if needed, and the muted participants can raise their hand to get the attention of the speaker. online meeting room

Need to send over a file to your study-mates? Check.

You can upload documents available for download on the chat feature of the online meeting room. Simply drag the file into the text bar of the chat then press send to upload, your participants will then see the file with a download button next to it. Speaking of which did you know we had a chat feature? Puffin talking on a smartphone

Someone can’t make it because they don’t have a computer? Phone it in.

As soon as you sign up with an account, you will be given a dial in number and access code for phone conferencing, that line is integrated with the online meeting room, which means group members without computers can call into your conference room and listen via the phone. You can’t get this on Skype. Puffin using desktop computer

Running out of time? No downloads required.'s study sessions video conferencing software was created with the least number of hurdles to start a conference call, with Google Chrome, there are no downloads required to use the service, allowing you to get to all of your important study topics earlier and easier.

With all of these features available on the online meeting room, one can argue that online meeting rooms can be more effective than normal group study sessions. Aside from the obvious benefits like saving time not dressing up and going to someone’s house or library, which could also be a geographic or time-consuming concern, online study sessions can be more productive with free document/free screen sharing, sharing whole articles instead of pictures and notes. Screen sharing also works in tandem with video calling, instead of meeting together with limited resources, all team members can potentially be home with much more at their disposal. Furthermore, the chat platform is a useful communication tool and its users can still remain focused on studying since they have no obligation to respond. The chat history can also be utilized when served as a record of what’s been said in case certain group members forget. Meeting Checklist Banner

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