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Recording Conference Calls to Harness the "Power of While"

Simple teleconference technology adds value

In Jim Estill’s book “Time Leadership”, he describes how to use the “Power of While” to blend two compatible activities to get more out of life.

An example would be a busy University student listening to a lecture podcast or audio tape while they go for a morning run. The podcast helps them keep motivated, and the oxygen and endorphin's generated increase comprehension of the information.

The Power of While

What many people don’t know is just how easy it is to use conference call recording technology to create a Podcast out of any speech.

First, you use the Power of While by recording your speech for future use while you are still delivering it. Your relationship with the live audience will make the delivery of your ideas more resonant and passionate.

Then, your listeners can also use the Power of While by listening from afar, or at a later time, while doing something compatible. Listening to your words when they are in a conducive environment will help them integrate and remember what they heard, and reflect on your concepts in the context of their own lives.

Sermon on the Run

Imagine a church sermon. The spiritual leader may be speaking to a congregation present in the church, but their voice can easily be recorded with conference call technology.

With one click of a mouse, members of the community who can’t be physically present can keep connected, and the entire sermon can be automatically turned into a Podcast for later use.

Maybe you can’t make the Sermon on the Mount, but you can surely make the Sermon on the Run!

It’s so easy!

Buddy Holly was talking about falling in love when he wrote the song “It’s So Easy!”, but recording live speeches with conference call technology is even easier, and will save you from the heartbreak of “the fantastic speech that got away”.

With one click of the mouse, just select “record call” when you set up the conference call.’s software will automatically record the entire speech and send you an email with a link to an online MP3 file. You can even have it automatically transcribed, so users can use the Power of While by reading the text while they ride a commuter train.

The handy mp3 file is of course yours to distribute via email, or mount on your website in a Podcast archive.

Adding value

Using conference call technology to record live speeches is a simple, cost effective way to add value to your activities, by enabling people to make the most of their time and enrich their experiences by using the Power of While.

And who knows, if your live performance goes viral, it will just take a few more mouse clicks to get your words transcribed into written format for re-use in newsletters, year end reports, blog posts, the front page of the New York Times...

...or that novel you always knew you had in you.

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