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Online Calling: The Next Wave in Telephony

The world is changing by the moment. Traditional models for everything from personal transportation to music listening are rapidly being left by the wayside. Services like ride sharing and podcast streaming would barely have registered a blip even just a few years ago, yet today they’re more popular than ever, and generally accepted as the norm.

Hooray for Online Meetings!

Nowhere is this transformation more apparent than through our use of phones and related technology. Where once we would have instinctively grabbed our land line to make a phone call, these days we’re more likely to send a quick text message; in our ever busier lives, the more efficient, the better. is leading the way in this revolution with innovative conferencing features that enhance everyone’s productivity. Our Online Meeting Room is one such element: a dedicated link assigned to every account offers one-click access to the meeting room for you and your invitees. Book a conference call, invite your friends or colleagues, let them join by phone or computer. Our virtual meeting rooms bring everyone together, regardless of their method of entry!

Time for your call? Why not go online this time and leave the land line in its cradle. After all, there’s no time like the present to enjoy the technologies of the future.


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