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Let’s face it: there are many free conference-calling services out there. Anyone who owns a computer could probably name at least 3. With so much competition out there, it makes sense to take the time to figure out just which one is the best for your unique needs.

First, let's look to the red corner., the original free conference calling service, is looking lean and mean. They’re a veteran in this game, and they know the ropes. Let’s look at a few of’s key features:

The Easiest way to meet online as a group: Simply distribute your personal URL and tell participants when to join!

No barriers, no need for installed software, no long instructions: Participants just click your meeting room URL to enter the session without hassle.

Callers can connect from anywhere around the globe: Every free account includes dial-ins all over the world, so you can eliminate long distance fees.

Visual collaboration has never been easier: Upload documents, video chat with a click of a button, share your screen, text chat and more.

The Other Guys

Now let's look across to the other side of the ring. In the blue corner we have… the other guys. It looks like a tough crowd. There certainly are a lot of them. Take a look at the chart for the breakdown:
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Features WebEx GoToMeeting Join.Me
Online Meetings & Web Conferencing
Online Meeting Participants 5 3 10 10
Video Feeds 3 3 Premium 5
Screen Sharing checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Document Sharing checkmark No  checkmark checkmark
Integrated dial-in numbers checkmark Premium Premium Premium
Downloads None Hosts Yes - All Yes - All
Audio Conferencing
HD Audio Participants 1,000 Premium Premium Premium
Dedicated Conference Line checkmark Premium Premium Premium
Call Recording Premium Premium Premium Premium
International Numbers checkmark Premium Premium Premium
Toll-Free Numbers Premium Premium Premium No



So, who is the best of the best? As the customer, you get to decide. is leading the charge in easy-to-use, no-barriers free conferencing with loads of features like International Dial-ins, Screen Sharing, and more.
If we’ve got what you might be looking for, why not give us a try today? We said that we're better than whatever crappy conference calling service you may have tried, and we intend to prove it. 

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