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Is Your Business On The Brink Of Expansion? Consider Upgrading to Callbridge

It wasn’t very long ago that the idea of video conferencing seemed like a pipe dream. It was a luxury deemed far too expensive for anyone to conceive of having unless you were a big name company or enterprise. Nowadays, things couldn’t be more different! With the advent of the internet and all of the technological developments that have snowballed and exponentially multiplied across various industries because of it, video conferencing solutions are a driving force behind every size of business! It’s a dream come true!

chairs-conference-room-corporateLarge or small, video conferencing is the go-to for plenty of businesses including mom and pop shops, boutique agencies, freelancers, consulting firms and more. Not only does management want to incorporate video conferencing into their workflow, employees are reaping the benefits too. Both parties are seeing the perks that come with the transition to digital – better team collaboration, more facetime, and of course, the ability to work remotely. Video conferencing is the second best option to meeting in person, and gives way to better communication by means of picking up on gesticulations, nuances, body language, facial expressions, and more!
As businesses scale and expand, remote work continues to drive up the need for video conferencing technology and the IT solutions that come with the territory. It’s important to outfit your business with the adequate video conferencing service that caters to your needs, as well as the needs of your employees’ and of course, clients. Establishing where you are now, where you want to go and how you plan to get there will stand you in good stead when choosing the right video conferencing service for your growing business – especially if your business is on the brink expansion.

conferencing audioLet’s say you just acquired a major account, or perhaps you’ve taken on a new multi-million dollar client. Perhaps you’re taking the leap overseas in the very near future, or you’ve just been bought out by investors. Whatever the case, if your company is hiring more employees across multiple levels, locations, divisions and departments, having streamlined communication that is effective, easy-to-use, and crystal clear will ensure minimal growing pains while on the up and up. Depending on the business’ needs and the network of people, a sophisticated video conferencing platform is exactly what’s required to keep workers connected from numerous places via any device, anytime and at an affordable cost for a high quality, reliable service.

So how do you know if your business is ready for enterprise-level video conferencing software?

  • If your business at a point where there are many callers sitting in for a conference.
    Of course there will always be the one-on-one call or a group session led by a moderator, but if you find that the number of people sitting in is gradually increasing to a large number of participants, this as a good indication of an upgrade.
  • If you’re conducting high-end meetings with VIPs, CEOs, top-tier clients
    and potential clients.
    Also, consider the kinds of meetings you will be having. Do you plan on having high exposure lectures followed by an open-forum Q&A session? Or a presentation with lots of feedback that requires top notch audio and recording capabilities?
  • If callers are on the go and need to join in a meeting via mobile device or tablet.
    The beauty of video conferencing is not being tied to your desk. Look for a service where you can connect through a desktop but still have a pleasant experience should someone need to connect with their smartphone.
  • If callers can’t make it but need to catch up on the content.
    Video and audio recording important meetings to watch for later are essential if someone missed out or if a caller needs to watch the material again for accuracy or fact-checking. Furthermore, the material can be repurposed down the line for training purposes, PR and marketing, social content, demos – the possibilities are endless!
  • If the material needs to come across as more engaging and informative.
    This is where collaborative features like Screen Sharing, Document Sharing, and Online Whiteboards play a critical role in how much of the information gets disseminated – and enjoyed! Watch as productivity and engagement soar when these features are utilized in a sync.
  • If your video conferencing platform comes with responsive customer support.
    With a business network around the globe, knowing you’re able to reach out for IT help when you hit a wall ensures your business stays on track. It’s important that a support line responds on time and with accuracy.
  • If your meetings are getting more detailed across different departments.
    When setting up a sync becomes a feat in and of itself between sending out invites and reminders, taking notes, posting summaries and sending out follow-up emails, consider the need to incorporate artificial intelligence.

FreeConference.combusiness-team-meeting-boardroom is the communications platform that defies boundaries, providing free conference calls and online meetings for your business, organization, nonprofit and charity. It’s affordable, pain-free and connects you to every corner of the world.

If your business is looking to scale or about to; if you want incredible margins; your brand to be front and centre; a full stack offering; exceptional customer support and seamless high definition audio visual communication on a large scale, consider upgrading to’s sister company, Callbridge, the leaders and innovators in the industry of enterprise-level virtual meetings.

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